Hailing The CBL Economic Inclusion Campaign

LAST WEEK, THE Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) under the administration of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones extended its access to finance and financial inclusion for a vibrant Liberian economy campaign to Gbheley-Geh District in northern Nimba with the opening of a rural Community Finance Institution to assist the people in that part of the country carry on financial transaction in a safe and prudent manner. The ceremony which drew hundreds of citizens including politicians, market women, elders, petty traders and other actors of the local economy of the area as well as experts from the CBL became a significant milestone.

IT BECAME A significant milestone because the local people turned out in their hundreds to welcome Governor Jones, the CBL Board of Governors and other guests; their politicians and above all the right that they will now have somewhere they can keep their earnings and ensure that it is properly managed. The local people danced, cheered and expressed joy that they can have access to finance in doing their respective businesses by having access to a credit facility from this institution. Moreover they are aware that no-longer will they keep money at home under their mattresses but save it in a financial institution as a sign of security.

WHILE THEIR POLITICIANS were discussing a matter relative to as who is a member of their Legislative Caucus, the locals were seen merry making with their traditional dancers and on ground that they will have a place from where they can bank the earning and overall have access to credit which can go a long way in making their respective businesses grow.

IT IS IN this regard that we are commending the Jones administration at the CBL and urging it to continue to do more for the growth of the Liberian economy especially when it comes to developing a strong indigenous business class. Like in the words of Governor Jones, there is no turning back in empowering local businesses with access to finance; we believe that it is only through this initiative that the Liberian economy can truly be owned by Liberians.

WE ARE ALSO extending gratitude to the Afriland  First Bank that provided the technical assistance to bring this effort to fruition and the CBL family who despite numerous criticisms from some quarters who do not understand what it means for Liberians to be empowered economically. We especially applaud the resilient effort of the Jones team and urge them to do more and reach out to other parts of the country where access to a rural finance institution such as the Gbehley-Geh Rural Community Finance Institution is still a dream that needs to be worked on.

WE WANT THE CBL to know that the warm welcome by traditional leaders, mask dancers and business actors accorded Governor Jones and his team is evidence that the people of Liberia sincerely yearn for economic emancipation. Thus the efforts of the bank, its Executive Governor and the Board of Governors should continue unabated if the Liberian middle class is to be a reality.

AS WE SAY hat’s –off to the Jones administration, we charge it to go through the length and breadth of the country and set up institutions of such that will economically empower those who are willing to work for a decent living and in a general term promote the Liberian dream of economic inclusion. Bravo to CBL because despite the blind criticisms, continue to move forward as history will judge this team with Jones at the helm in no uncertain way.