Welcoming The Legislature’s Public Account Hearing

IN OUR TODAY’S publication, we are reporting that former Gender and Development Minister, Varbah Gayflor, is being chocked for misapplying over US$23,901.71 and LD$31,180.00 funds collected from the usage of the ministry’s conference hall.

MADAM GAYFLOR IS being accused for failing to account for US$319,748.43 during the period under audit for fuel and gasoline procured for the Gender Ministry. Audit report says she could not account for the amount due to the absence of fuel requisition and distribution report.

APPEARING BEFORE THE House and Senate Standing Committee on Public Account yesterday in the William R. Tolbert joint chambers at the Capitol Building, Deputy Auditor General of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) Mr. Wessely Nyakan told the committee members that the audit report covers 2006-2009. He said the report is not intended to witch-hunt a particular person or a special group of people.

IN HIS REPORT to the committee, the Deputy AG Director explained that the money raised for the rent of the ministry’s hall cannot be traceable to bank statement the ministry’s financial report or report submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

WE ARE ALSO concerned about such report that has indicted a former government official for misapplying funds allotted for certain purpose.

THOUGH WE ARE not finding Madam Gayflor guilty in this case but we are commending the public Account Committee of the National Legislature for such healthy exercise intended to bring credibility in government.

LET PEOPLE BE made to account for money entrusted to them for the implementation of certain responsibilities given them because anything short of that will be counterproductive to the fight against corruption.

NOW THAT THE Legislature has taken such stance, we call on the other branches of government to follow suit in ensuring that people account for whatever is given them to do the work of the Liberian people.

ACCOUNTABILITY MATTERS A lot and that is why we are supporting this cause that those who are entrusted with funds be made to account for same so as to support government’s fight against corruption.

WE ALSO CALL on those who will be called upon to cooperate with the Legislature to dispel the notion that the government is very corrupt because as we all know, in recent times government has been coming under fire for corruption.