NPP Executive C’ttee Disagrees With Chairman…Vows To Hold Biennial Convention On December 19

The National Executive Committee of the National Patriotic Party which is the Supreme Body of the party in the absence of the convention has decided to have the one year overdue biennial convention on the 19th of December 2013 at the National Headquarters of the party.   In a release issued yesterday in Monrovia, the Executive Committee of the party said the decision which was reached by the majority of the National Executive Committee members in a meeting held on the 24th of November and through a resolution signed by two thirds of the Executive Committee members as per the party’s constitution.

According to the release, the Legislative Caucus and the Council of Counties Chairpersons expressed serious disappointment with the actions of Cllr. T.C. Gould and his cohorts in unilaterally announcing a convention of the National Patriotic Party without the endorsement by the National Executive Committee.

The release said Cllr. Gould as his usual practice of violating the Constitution of the party and the election laws of Liberia, continues in his attempt to destroy this noble institution which they said have sacrificed their time and efforts to develop.

“We therefore notify the press that any announcement, publication or press conference by T. C. Gould of his Lackey Andrews Peters should be considered null and void as he does not enjoy the confidence of the National Executive Committee and the entire membership of the party and is unable to convene a National Executive Committee meeting,” the release added.

According to the EC, Cllr. Gould has also disrespected the mandate of the National Elections Commission by failing to hold the biennial convention on 15th November 2013.

“This is in violation of the party’s constitution and election laws of Liberia,” the release added.

According to the partisans of NPP, the entire party including the counties executives, district leaders and partisans has been notified. The release said delegates will be arriving in Monrovia over the next few days.

It noted that they are all in high spirit and excited for this opportunity to reinvigorate and reshape the party as per their constitutional mandate.

“It is our hope that Cllr. Gould will abide by the majority decision and abandon his minority rule strategy above all else the people,” the EC of NPP said.

At the same time, the National Executive Committee of the National Patriotic Party has announced the holding of its biennial convention on December 19, 2013. In a press release issued yesterday, the party Executive Committee distanced itself from a recent press conference hosted by Cllr. T.C. Gould calling on partisans of the party not to adhere to the planned convention organized and sanctioned by majority members of the NEC, Legislative Caucus, County Chairpersons and general membership of the National Patriotic Party in accordance with the party’s constitution and the guidelines specified in the elections laws of Liberia.

Meanwhile delegates from the fifteen political sub division are in high gear to attend the first convention of the National Patriotic Party in three years.

The NEC said the process which led to the dormancy of the party and the violation of Elections Committee’s mandate prompted the decision by the National Executive Committee to act in order to save the party.