“Give Back To The University”…Dr. Dennis Urges Graduates, Others

"Give Back To The University"...Dr. Dennis Urges Graduates, Others

By: Antoinette Sendolo

The president of the University of Liberia has urged the members of the 95th graduating class at the state-owned University (UL) to contribute what they have learnt over the past years to the university as they prepare to walk out of its walls on December 18, 2013.

Speaking at the homecoming program of the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia, the president, Dr Emmett Dennis said the university is going through what he termed as transformation period and as such, the university needs the collective efforts of all administrators, students and alumnus if the country’s higher institution of learning must regain its status in the country.

The president noted that there are lots of things to be done at the university therefore, members of the 95th graduating class should take up the challenge noting that it might not be easy as they think but it is possible for the university to be transformed.

He also said if the University of Liberia must be on pad with others in Africa and other parts of the world, Students, and administrators among others must understand that violence is not the only way to deal with issues on the campus adding that the University is an area for intellectual and academic activities. With this, people leaving and those who are still there should be able to handle situations in a more professional manner.

However , Dr Emmett Dennis discouraged the notion that most graduates of the University of Liberia are not competent as wildly believed by most people but expressed serious disappointment over those students who are not meeting the standard of the university referring to those students as 1.99 pointers and he also blamed them for damaging the good image of the university.

Meanwhile, the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Liberia, Dr. Walter Wiles encouraged the graduating class to be proactive and engage in other professional activities that will help transform the university.

He added that the alumnus of the university should serve as ambassadors of change for other students in order to move the university forward as part of improving the educational system in the country.

Mr Wiles however described the involvement of the Alumni Association of the University of Liberia in transforming the university as a life-long relationship which will help return the UL to its actual status and keep the light of the university burning.

He then committed himself to renovating the university and added that his office is open to the students to work with them in reconditioning the university.