Police Hunt For Gbollie’s Killer

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Liberia National Police (LNP) is reportedly working frantically to find the killer of the 1997 Presidential candidate, Fayiah Gbollie who was gruesomely murdered on Friday, December 6, 2013 at his Congo Town residence.

An unconfirmed report has it that a man named Tengbe visited Mr. Gbollie prior to that fateful day and since then he has not been seen as was disclosed by two little girls who lived with the deceased.

Police officers are speculating that Tengbe, whose whereabouts are unknown for now may likely be the person behind the death of Fayiah Gbollie. This newspaper had reported earlier that the brother of the late Fayiah, Siafa said that he was told by the two little girls living with his late brother that a man named Tengbe had visited the late Gbollie the night before and got into an argument over a gray Toyota 4-Runner.

He continued that early the following morning the same man came back to the house and continued with the argument with the late Gbollie again and at that time the man left with Mr. Gbollie’s car. He added that was when the girls came out of the house only to see the car speeding off leaving the lifeless body of Fayiah Gbollie lying in a pool of blood.

The spokesman for the LNP, Sam Collins said, “The incident is unfortunate. No arrest has been made so far; all will be done to bring the perpetrators to book.

The motive for killing the victim is unknown- we call on family members not to politicize the matter as we investigate the incident.”

Mr. Collins also disclosed that an autopsy would be conducted on the remains of the late Gbollie but did not reveal who or where the autopsy would be conducted but assured the public that it would take place shortly.

The LNP are compiling evidence from the crime scene to piece together what actually transpired at the home of Gbollie that caused his death, and vital to the closure of the case is the whereabouts of Tengbe.