Maritime Beach Contractors Demand Arrears

Maritime Beach Contractors Demand Arrears

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Thousands of contractors gathered yesterday morning in front of the Head office of Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) in Sinkor, in demand of their four months’ salaries owed them by the entity.

“We have engaged the Management of Liberia Maritime Authority many times to pay our four months’ salaries but have refused to pay us without any reason,” aggrieved contractors averred.

One of those contractors, Madam Tete G. Fannoh, said that the Management of the Liberia Maritime Authority had paid deaf ears to pay the contractors since September to December 2013 and contractors are now faced with series of domestic problems.

“My brother, just imagine that the management of Liberia Maritime Authority is paying each person US$2.00 per day and if you absent for one day from work, the management deducts US$14.00 from your salary and each contractor gets US$60.00 every month,” Madam Fannoh disclosed.

Madam Fannoh explained further that the contractors are cleaning various beaches in Monrovia without safety materials but they are doing so for survival.

“We have signed 6 years contract with the Liberia Maritime Authority to clean the various beaches in Monrovia and its environments but to our utmost surprise, the management told us that the contract is over because there are no funds but refused to pay us,” Madam Fannoh explained.

Some of the aggrieved contractors were seen by our reporter displaying placards with various inscriptions such as: Maritime, please continue with our beach job. Maritime Authority, pay our four months’ salaries; why should you be so wicked to us; pay our money now. No suspension affairs; we need our jobs back with the four months’ pay, Maritime   Authority do not stop our 6 years project; they do not want to give our money. Shame at Maritime Authority for failing to pay us; we cleaned waste products on beaches but Maritime Authority refused to pay us; what a bad labor practice!

The aggrieved contractors have resolved to continuously disturb the activities of Maritime Authority until their demands are amicably addressed.

Meanwhile, the Management of the Liberia Maritime Authority has flagrantly refused to talk to the media relative to the allegation levied against the entity.