For Failing To Settle US$99,775 Debt: M’land Lawmaker’s Father Languishes In Jail

The father of Maryland County Representative, Isaac Roland, Dr. Isaac Roland Sr. is still languishing in jail for failing to settle the amount of US$99,775 to a Lebanese national, Nicholas M. Fayad.

Recently, the Monrovia City Court ordered the seizure of properties belonging to Dr. Isaac Roland to settle said amount to Mr. Fayad of the city of Monrovia. In the writ the court commanded the Sheriff of the Debt Court of Monrovia, Robert Toe-ESQ to seize and expose for sale the Lands, goods Chattels and Credit of Dr. Isaac Roland, Defendant in the proceedings.

The court at the time, further ordered that if the sum realized there from be not sufficient then seize the real property unless he (Roland) shall have raised the amount US$99,775 Plus LD$3,300. “And if you cannot find any assets of the said Defendant, you are hereby further commanded to arrest the Living body of the Defendant, Dr. Isaac Roland also of the City of Monrovia, Liberia and forthwith bring it before any Judge of Contempt Jurisdiction to be dealt with according to law unless he shall pay the sum of Money or show property to seize and expose for sale in according with 1LCLR page 235, section 44.39,” the writ ordered.

The court also informed the Sheriff that upon receiving from the said Defendant otherwise, said sum of money, “You are hereby further commanded to pay over to the Plaintiff the sum of money necessary to satisfy the judgment and reserve unto yourself the Cost of Court and expenses. Further, you will also make your Official returns endorsed on the back of this Writ of Execution as to the form and manner of Service.”

At the same time, the Defendant (Roland Sr.) was held in contempt by the Monrovia City Court. In a writ of Arrest to Dr. Roland Sr., the court ordered the arrest of the living body of Dr. Isaac Roland Sr. to be brought before the Monrovia City Court to answer to the charge of Contempt of Court.

The court said having made and executed a payment stipulated before the City Court, for the payment of US$3,000 thru the court to Mr. Nicholas Fayad, Defendant in defiance to the stipulation refused and neglected to make the said payment of US$6,000.

Predicated upon this according to the City Court, Defendant Roland Sr. was ordered arrested to be brought before the court to show cause if any, why he should not and cannot be held in contempt for his refusal and failure to obey the said stipulation to make the payment.