Bank Agent Threatens Debtors…Says They Will Be Chased In Their Homes

The Portfolio Management Agency, agent of several banks in the country has given delinquent debtors an ultimatum to pay their outstanding debts to the banks or be chased in their various homes, mosques or churches.   In an exclusive interview yesterday in Monrovia, the managing partner of Portfolio Management Agency, Anthony T. Wisseh, warned delinquent borrowers to settle their debts to avoid embarrassment as his agency will not relent in going after those indebted to the various banks in the country.

Mr. Wisseh called on the debtors to walk to the banks where they have not settled their indebtedness as their refusal to do so will leave the agency with no alternative but go in pursuit of them to collect whatever they owe the banks.

“We are giving them from now to the 15th of January, 2014 to come and settle with the banks or they will face our wrath to ensure that their debts are paid. We will begin publishing their names and that is why we are calling on them now to comply,” Mr. Wisseh in strong words told the delinquent borrowers.

He said if the delinquent borrowers still fail to pay to the banks, his agency that is responsible to collect the banks’ debts will have a closure on properties owned by the delinquent borrowers. “We are not taking this warning lightly so let them come peacefully and pay their money to the various banks so as to avoid embarrassment,” Mr. Wisseh intimated.

Among other things, Wisseh said there are over thousands of individuals who are indebted to the various banks for many years and have refused to pay. He added that his agency is ready and prepared to go after those individuals who will not settle their indebtedness with the various banks.