“Liberia Needs Durable Roads”-Boosts Women Empowerment

Former Public Works Minister Emmett A. Taylor says Liberia needs to commit itself to building lasting and durable roads and stop the monkey business.

In an Interview Mr. Taylor said “we cannot construct a road which after one season has to undergo major structural rehabilitation. The effective lifespan of a paved roadway when properly constructed should be about 10 years.”

He said these roadways being constructed fall apart after one year and a prototype roadway to look at is the New Kru Town Road. “That road has been functioning since 2001 (12 years ago) with hardly any repair or maintenance,” he said.

“Public works has to stop being treated with contempt and must be properly staffed and equipped. The New Kru Town Road was built by Public works. With the background of the new minister as I understand, she should do well and make a difference,” Mr. Taylor said.