Blair, Ellen Assure Liberians On Development

By Timothy T. Seaklon

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and the Head of the African Governance Initiative (AGI), former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, have disclosed that Liberia’s development process including the realization of the full operations of the various concessionaries will be accelerated soon.

Addressing a news conference Saturday evening in Monrovia, President Sirleaf expressed satisfaction that the former British Prime Minister and his team have been working with the Government of Liberia (GOL) by providing technical support for the implementation of Liberia’s developmental agenda and the total realization of the administration’s agenda of transformation.

President Sirleaf said former Prime Minister Blair’s visit is particularly important at a time that the GOL has just completed its budgetary process and is about to start a major acceleration of the country’s developmental program under the agenda for transformation.

The Liberia leader said in the next four years, government will be concentrating on ensuring that Government gets the results that have been identified in the agenda, by ensuring that Liberia gets her infrastructure fixed and making sure that the direct foreign investment that were attracted become operational and create jobs.

The President added that the government is also working and getting support from the British Prime Minister and his team in making sure that the law that Liberia has in ensuring equality in the system is implemented, saying, “We are also targeting youth unemployment, corruption and all of those things that will promote the agenda for transformation.”

The President expressed joy that the government has achieved a lot in those areas over the years saying, “No matter what you say, if you look around, you have to admit that we have come a long way.”

President Sirleaf said for the past six years her administration has worked with the help of others including the resilience and patience of the Liberian people and it is about time to turn all the hard work into reality.

She lauded former Prime Minister Blair for the support and the technical help, saying, “We are entering the big last stretch with a big push to move forward.”

The President praised former Prime Minister Blair for all the help to Liberia by going out there and serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the development of Liberia.

For his part, former Prime Minister Blair paid tribute to the leadership of President Sirleaf and noted that since 2006, the country has come a long way with enormous challenges.

Mr. Blair talked about youth unemployment, opportunities for the people and noted that this is a country on the move.

He disclosed that some very important things are going to be happening; major investment and concessions are going to be producing result in the not too distance future.

He said Liberia has major investments in power, ports and other areas that the people of Liberia are going to begin realizing their potential.

Former Prime Minister Blair said, “For us in the African Governance Initiative are delighted to be working with President Sirleaf and the team and it has been a fantastic experience.” He assured President Sirleaf that his group will continue to work with Liberia and help in whatever way they can.