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American Ambassador Calls On Police Boss

United States Ambassador Madam Deborah Malac paid a courtesy visit to The Director of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Chris Massaquoi and held discussions surrounding the LNP with emphasis on the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and the Police Support Unit (PSU).

During their discussion, Ambassador Malac assured Director Massaquoi and the Liberia National Police family of the United States Government’s continuous support to the two riot units of the LNP.

The Ambassador also expressed interest in the work of the Professional Standards Division, (PSD) the unit of the Liberia National Police responsible for dealing with police misconduct in relation to the public as well as, amongst police officers and intimated that the PSD will also be considered for inclusion to the U. S. Government’s support to the LNP.

In response, Director Massaquoi expressed his personal thanks and that of the LNP to Ambassador Malac for the visit and the assurance given by the U. S. Government to continue its support to the ERU and the PSU as well as for the promise to include the Professional Standards Division in order to enhance the capacities of officers of these units.

Director Massaquoi also shared with Ambassador Malac some of the many challenges facing the LNP vis-a-vis its day-to-day operations especially in the wake of the advent of the Christmas and the New Year seasons when there is an increase in criminal activities.

He named some of the challenges as inadequate logistics, such as vehicles, fuel, uniforms among others.  Director Massaquoi also assured Ambassador Malac of his administration’s commitment and determination to make transparency in its operations, the hallmark of the LNP with the view of winning back full public confidence.



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