House To Intervene In Ellen Cockrum’s Saga

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

In an apparent mood to secure tranquility and peace within the three branches of government, the House of Representatives has disclosed that it would make an intervention or take action into the Ellen Cockrum’s saga soon.    The House has been concerned about the ongoing tape recordings released by the former head of the Liberia Aviation Authority (LAA), Madam Cockrum.

The government of Liberia has already indicted Madam Cockrum for alleged corruption of public funds at the Liberia Aviation Authority.

House Speaker Alex J. Tyler at a press conference held yesterday told legislative reporters that the 53rd National Legislature has decided to intervene in this matter because it believes that when one branch of the government is under attack, it means the others are also being attacked.

Explaining briefly to reporters outlining responses from the people in the Southeast of the country on the 2013 oil and gas law consultation tour, Speaker Tyler said the leadership of the House is expected to meet this Friday,    December 6, 2013, to look into all comments that have been made in the Cockrum’s recording.

When asked as to who is attacking the government, the Bomi County lawmaker answered saying that the government is under attack by those allegations being made in the recordings.

“The House leadership will meet on Friday to take action or intervene on this Cockrum’s issue. When one branch of government is under attack, it means we are also attacked,” Speaker Tyler asserted.

In a related development, Speaker Tyler has lauded his team of lawmakers who have just returned from the southeast discussing the 2013 oil and gas law.

He disclosed that shortly after the next consultation which is expected to take place in Montserrado County, the   House will conduct a national conference highlighting the significance of the draft oil law of 2013.

Speaker Tyler used the occasion to invite all critics and supporters to join the 53rd Legislature for an input, suggestions or comments on the draft law that is already before that body for passage.

Commenting further on the oil law, from his Capitol Building conference room, Speaker Tyler encouraged all    Liberians to get onboard to ensure that the right things are put in place for the benefit of the country’s generation.

“This consultative nationwide tour is not for a special group of people; it is a Liberian thing. We must get involved and make our input,” Tyler said.