Bassonians Petition Sen. Findley

Bassonians Petition Sen. Findley

By Antoinette Sendolo

Citizens of Grand Bassa County District # 3 under the banner Friends of Gbehzohngar Yesterday, Dec 4, 2013 petitioned Sen. Gbehzohngar Findley for the 2014 Senatorial Election.    Senator Findley was petitioned by a delegate of over twenty-five citizens from different groups including women and youth groups across the district.

According to the petition letter read by the spokesperson of the group (Friends of Gbehzohngar) Mr. Napoleon Gbeegar, Sen. Findley’s petition came as a result of his hard work and the numerous achievements and improvements made in the district since he was elected in the 2005 elections.

It was noted in the petition letter that since his election in 2005 he has always been at the need of his people and has lived up to his promises made during the Campaign period something the group is thankful to the Senator for.

The group in their open letter asserted that Senator Findley among other leaders who have led the district has for the first time engineered for the World Bank to start the erection of a modern mission in Feetuah, District # 3 ‘B’ out of which forty-five schools are to be built and also to modernize the Gorblee Central High School and build a contemporary toilet installed with water closet or flush toilet facility from his own expense.

The friends of Gbehzohngar group in Grand Bassa County District # 3 also stressed on the manner in which Sen. Findley has helped to build the human capacity of the District by providing scholarships to both male and female students particularly the elderly and the most Dynamic Magistrate, Hon. Joe Paygar who is now reading Criminal Justice and Public Administration at the Grand Bassa County Community College (GBCC). He also provided ($100,000.00 LD) to the Liberia Marketing Association of Gorblee District Women to strengthen their micro capacity in order to reduce poverty in the District.

Meanwhile, Senator Gbehzohngar Findley has extended his thanks to the people of his district and promised to do more because he is a Senator currently based on the support given him from the people of Grand Bassa and as such, he will work in order to ensure that Grand Bassa County becomes a better county with the help of the citizens.

The Senator disclosed that come 2014, his focus will be on education and empowerment of the youths and people of Grand Bassa County.

According to the Senator, he made a sacrifice by not buying expensive cars for over four years in order to have a farm that can accommodate a little over 5,00 people in his county.

Senator Findley however gave USD 1,300 to the delegates as a sign of appreciation.