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Gov’t Imposes 6-Month Hiring Freeze On Civil Servant Positions

President Sirleaf’s directive to the Civil Service Agency has been communicated to the public a 6-month hiring freeze on all civil servant positions effective immediately.

In a release issued yesterday in Monrovia, the Civil Service Agency disclosed that due to Liberia’s unique needs for teachers and healthcare workers, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare are exempted from the hiring freeze. The Civil Service Agency said it is conducting a thorough analysis of the pay structure, job classification, and job descriptions that will inform a revised pay strategy to be implemented next year.

According to the release, the results of this analysis will be inaccurate if the payroll fluctuates. As such, the Civil Service Agency will no longer accept Personnel Action Notices (PANs) from government Institutions included in the directive.

The release further added that should a need arise to replace an employee, the Civil Service Agency requests a written justification that the position is vital for the institution to carry out its mandate and function and that any changes to the policy will be communicated accordingly.



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