Girl 12, Discovered Dead

Girl 12, Discovered Dead

By Jefferson D. Tweh

Yesterday was a scene of attraction in the Caldwell Community at 12:30 P.M, when a little girl believed to be 12 years old was found dead across a train track. According to eye witness account, a little boy went to ease himself across a train track and while in the process, he saw a dead body of a girl in the grass so he ran off to his parents and informed them about what he saw.

Residents who live around where the girl was gruesomely killed told this paper that they did not know the little girl.

“It seems that those people who carried out the heinous act, took the girl from a different community,” they said.

Meanwhile, residents of Caldwell are calling on the Government of Liberia, UNMIL, Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations to launch thorough investigation about the killing of the unknown little girl in their community.

Our reporter who visited the scene where the little girl was killed, said thousands of Liberians expressed disgust about the mysterious death of the unidentified girl.

One of those persons who also spoke to this paper, Madam Tete D.K.Donyen averred that the killing of the unknown girl has created great fear in the Caldwell community and she has called on all mothers in Monrovia and its environs to take the utmost care of their little children because 2014 special election is imminent as anything can happen.