Liberia Gets Euro 1.5 Million From WASH Consortium Irish Aid

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

The Liberia WASH Consrtium Irish Aid has given Government of Liberia (GOL) euro 1.5 Million to assist in upgrading the health sector and give equitable and sustainable access to improved WASH services in underserved communities of Liberia.

Speaking with journalist at the Irish Aid Media Launch Program held recently at the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare the Program Advisor of Irish Aid, Carine Gachen, said that she feels happy to demonstrate Irish Aid commitment to the WASH sector. The Liberia WASH Consortium and Ireland are honoured to partner with the Liberia Govemmet and WASH Consortium in its quest to reduce WASH related diseases and to improve the quality of life for women & children under 5 in Liberia.

Madam Gachen added that the excellent relations between Ireland and Liberia are a matter of some pride to the Irish Government and Irish people, even during a difficult economical period in Ireland, the commitment shown to Liberia by Ireland has not declined.

Madam Gachen stated further that since 2005, with more than 62 million Euros, Irish Aid funded various programs in health, security sector, in fighting Gender- Based Violence and WASH. Since the Irish Aid funds supported the Liberia WASH Consortium both for policy activities and service delivery with US$ 4.2 million, to which we are almost US$ 1 .5 for this new project.

She pointed out that WASH contributes to gender equality, health and nutrition all of which are priorities for Irish Aid. Stunting which currently stands at 36% in Liberia is negatively impacted by poor access to WASH services, while the health benefits are obvious.

Madam Gachen mentioned that from an Irish perspective, the focus of Ireland’s new development policy on hunger provides a rationale to continue with engagement in a sector that has such high potential to improve nutrition indicators in Liberia.

Madm Gachen Concluded that WASH Consortium has played and continues to play a central role in this sector. There have been considerable achievements in terms of service delivery  and the Consortium has worked closely with national organisations but also with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and media to increase understanding on the importance of the WASH sector.