Garbage Pollution Spreads In Several Communities

By Edwin G. Wandah

Residents in Paynesville and other parts of Montserrado have called on ZOOMLION and NC Sanitors who are responsible to ensure the hygienic sanitary environments in the city and its environs, to go to their aid and remove the stockpile of garbage there.

Paynesville, Red Light-Coal Field Community is one of the communities badly affected by the pungent odor from the garbage that increases daily with no concern shown to have it cleared away to a designated dumpsite.

The residents also called on N.C Sanitors and ZOOMLION to help relocate the garbage sites so that they can live in a pollution-free environment that will not harbor diseases that will threaten them with miscellaneous health hazards.

Some of the Coal Field residents who spoke to this Paper said the dumping is being carried out in daylight. “My brother, let these guys relocate, we don’t want any human health crisis; if they cannot relocate, then let them spare our community at least,” Harrison Cisco stated.

Although, he did not mention about death, but said, water borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and other related illnesses are some of them making the community vulnerable to death.

In other parts of Montserrado, residents explained similar situation encountered. According to residents adjacent Parker’s Yard in Jamaica Road which is located right after the Jamaica Road Bridge, they complained that they are faced with serious health hazard from the polluted environment.

A young lady, Theresa Pewee, said that she and several others fell ill as a result of flies from the Parker’s Yard resting on their foodstuffs they ate.

“Our children are the direct victims. For us adults, we can at least protect the food to certain extent, but the children cannot; they sometimes become sick from water borne diseases and even diarrhea; let those dumping the dirt in these places stop,” Theresa Pewee expressed.