Artists Want DG For Copyright Officer

Many veteran Liberian musicians, music producers, movie actors, printers, writers, and those within the creative arts among others, are calling on the Government of Liberia through the line Ministries to appoint a Director General for the Liberian Copyright Office.

According to a release, the artists said these line ministries include the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Information, Culture and Tourism, Justice and Labor.

The Artist said these line ministries should follow the law that created the Liberian copyright office and the Liberia industrial property office.

Accordingly, the law states among others, that the agency should be headed by a lawyer and staff to the level that the Agency can carry out the monitoring of violation and conduct investigation and prosecution in line with the copyright law.

The release noted that the Government of Liberia has appointed several boards but no Director General for several years now.

“The Government has been spending money with no gain, the present Liberian Copyright office as it stands, has been receiving funding in the budget only to pay salary to the few workers over the years under the name of the Liberian copyright office,” the release said.

The release further said the Liberia copyright office as it is, is of no use to the artists and creators or to the government.

“We are hereby calling on the President through the Minister of Commerce and Industry to appoint a qualified lawyer in keeping with the copyright laws of Liberia to serve as Director General,” the release said.

The artists and creators in the release noted that the government and other international partners did sponsor the training of Liberian lawyers to a master degree level in intellectual property laws who are currently in the country and are qualified to serve in a capacity as Director General.

“In view of the above mentioned counts, we are calling on the relevant authorities to take the necessary actions in keeping with the revised copyright laws of Liberia to reconstitute the management board as the tenure of the current board has expired,” the release concluded.