No Vacancy In 2014-2017 Elections—George Solo Tells CDC Partisans

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) has launched a major membership drive pulling a crowd of thousands at a rally held in the party’s strong hold of New kru Town.

As early as last Friday morning, CDC Partisans, sympathizers and well-wishers began storming the Borough of New Kru Town where the 2013 Membership Drive was held with CDCians who had gathered in their thousands chanting political slogans, “ No vacancy in the 2014 or 2017 elections. It will be CDC all the way.”

Speaking at the ceremony amidst cheers and motivational political slogans CDC’s National Chairman Mr. George G. Solo said there will be no monkey to put foot in 2014 Special Elections and Presidential Elections in 2017.

Mr. Solo told the gathering that come the 2014 Special Election, thousands of CDCians will go to the poll on October 14, 2014 to elect Ambassador George Weah as Senator of Montserrado County and in 2017 the CDC’s political leader will also be elected as President of the Republic of Liberia.

The CDC National Chairman said “In the 2017 General and Presidential Elections, there will be no second round, so if you want to steal, steal right now because starting from 2014, no monkey will put foot.”

Mr. Solo used the launch of the CDC National Membership Drive to call on his partisans to get their National Membership Cards from their respective National Coordinators in the various political districts because the CDC National Identification Cards (ID cards) will be used for four years beginning from 2014 to 2017.

Speaking at the occasion also, Amb. George Weah said that he pities the living condition of the young people in the country and touching on the equitable distribution of the country’s wealth, he said about 20 percent of the country’s citizenry are enjoying the State resources while the balance 80 percent of the population lives in extreme poverty.

Amb. Weah then vowed that the CDC will take state power and admonished the partisans to love one another. He also called on the CDC partisans not to give credence to criticisms but to remain upright by perpetuating their political struggle.

“I urge all of you to take your National Membership Cards because it is very important to us and for those of you who do not have money to take the ID cards; I promise to give US$1,000.00 to enable you get yours,” he concluded.