CDC Holds Big Program Today

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

With barley one month to 2014 senatorial election and four years to 2017 Legislative and Presidential Elections, the main opposition political party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) will today commence a membership registration for all of its partisans and those also wishing to become members of the party.

The membership drive named and styled “the new revelation”, is expected to target all Liberians from the 15 political sub-division of the country with a probability of wining additional one million persons to the party.

CDC  Vice Chairman for Operation, Mulbah Morlu, at a news conference held yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, told reporters that the membership drive remains constant as the northern stars and that the CDC has vowed to make Liberia a better place for everyone regardless of political affiliation.

Mr. Morlu however announced a change in the venue of the program due to misunderstanding in the schedule with the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS). The CDC has earlier arranged to use the D. Twe High School pitch in New Kru Town but latest information from the party reveals that the event is expected to take place at the City View Lagoon Field in the same New Kru Town vicinity.

The CDC Vice Chairman mentioned that its political leader, Ambassador George Mannah Weah, will present his recent FIFA Hall of Fame award to Cedecians and the people of Liberia at the official launch of the membership drive.

As an opposition political party in the country, Mr. Morlu disclosed that motorcyclists are expected to escort Ambassador Weah from his dwelling place in Paynesville to the vote- rich district of New Kru Town.

When asked as to whether the presence of motorcyclists would not stir up confusion in the city since it has been banned by the Liberia National Police (LNP), Morlu said as a political party, the CDC along with the  Liberian people will not engage into anything that would derail the country’s 10 years of existing peace or undermine the CDC chance of winning the next election.

“CDC will fight to transform West Point to Mamba Point. We do not need permit to walk the streets of Monrovia. CDC remains peaceful. If you slap us on the left ear, we will turn the right side to you. George Weah is Liberia’s next President. Amb. Weah is a man that will make Liberia better for tomorrow.” Morlu asserted.

Last month, the CDC launched this exercise indicating that every CDC member should have an ID card. According to the party, the exercise is not a campaign but a membership drive to win more people to the party. There is already a cost LD$200 or LD$250 attached to membership registration.

The CDC executive disclosed that the process will officially kick off in New Kru with the party’s executives in attendance to ensure a real change or reform as the 2017 elections draw nearer.

As for the 2014 senatorial election, Mr. McGill reminded individuals wishing to contest on the party’s ticket to take advantage of this development before the end of December 2013.