ActionAid Launches Strategic Paper

By Antoinette Sendolo

Action-aid Liberia (AAL) has for the first time launched its Country’s Strategy Paper for 2013-2017 since its existence in 1997.

The Strategy Paper which was recently launched at the Golden Gate Hotel is intended to buttress government’s efforts in dealing with all forms of violence against women and girls in Liberia and protecting their rights.

Actionaid intends to use the Strategy Paper which is named People Engaging in Power for Transformative Development as a working tool for the next five years in ensuring that the rights of women and girls are fully recognized and respected.

AAL’s Strategy Paper focuses on three major themes which include Women and Girl’s Rights, Urban Poverty, and Governance.

From these objectives, AAL has made several promises to be fulfilled come 2017 if the implementation process is successfully completed said Actionaid Liberia’s Country’s Director Madam Korto Williams.

She noted that in accordance with the pillars of the 2013-2017 Strategy Paper AAL will promote the full recognition, realization and protection of the rights of women and girls and also advance the inclusion of the poor excluded in decision and policy-making processes.

“Under the pillar that talks about the rights of women and girls, by 2017, about 7,050 women and girls at local and national levels will be challenging and rejecting GBV, demanding women friendly laws and policies and safe community environments both Rural and Urban,” Madam Korto Williams of Actionaid Liberia noted.

AAL also promised under the youth and Urban Poverty pillar that by 2017, AAL will ensure that 25 communities have development and implemented effective risk reduction and resilience systems on disaster and conflicts.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Eugene Nagbe, has wholeheartedly welcomed the work of Actionaid Liberia in helping to empower women and girls across the country.

Min. Nagbe noted that the Strategy Paper crafted by AAL is very important to the youths of Liberia especially young girls noting that it will help them speak of their rights.

He added that Actionaid’s Strategy Paper was inclusive something he said needs to be done by other organizations to ensure the smooth implementation of their works.

However, Min. Nagbe asserted that the empowerment of young people is very important to the development of post-war Liberia.

Actionaid Liberia is a unique partnership of people, organizations and social movements that is committed to ending poverty and it focuses on strengthening the capacities of people to own and lead their own development.