Supporting NEC’s Civic Voter Education Exercise

THE NATIONAL ELECTIONS Commissions (NEC) has disclosed that at least 4,000 Liberians have been targeted under its Voter Roll Updates.

GIVING AN OVERVIEW of a two-day Regional Media Workshop on the Voter Roll Update and 2014 Special Senatorial Election, NEC’s Director for Communications, Joey T. Kennedy, said, of the 4,000 targeted Liberians, an estimated 250 have attained the age 18 and above and others who did not register for the 2011 Voter Registration exercise are Liberians who have returned from other parts of the world and those who have changed their location.

ON THE VRU strategy, Mr. Kennedy said NEC will send out 200 mobile teams covering 1,780 Voter Registration Centers that will stay three days at each center. He said the entire process will be carried out in 45 days.

MR. KENNEDY SAID each team will consist of five members, who will be using laptops with searchable database. NEC targeted groups include, voters who turned 18 years since the last Voter Registration in 20011; eligible voters who did not register in 2011 and transfer voters meaning registered voters who wish to change their voting centers.

THE STRATEGY BEING used by NEC to intensify its Civic Voter Education on the pending Special Senatorial Election is a welcome one as many Liberians still do not understand the October 2014 ensuing election. As the Commission rightly said the process is to ensure that Liberians who did not register during the 2011 Presidential and General Elections be part of the process and also those who have attained 18 and above and those who have relocated from their previous locations.

THIS IS NECESSARY because the Special Election is not like a by-election that covers only a district or districts. This time around like the Presidential and General Elections, Liberians from the 15 political sub-division will be going to the polls to vote for Senators of their choice and that is why the CVE is necessary at this time to ensure that all eligible voters are given the opportunity to exercise their constitutional franchise.

LET THE CVE continue throughout the country because as was earlier said not many Liberians know about the Voter Roll Update. Let the NEC do everything possible to include the media in its CVE exercise so that the message can reach the citizens most of whom live in the hinterland.

AGAIN, WE SUPPORT the Civil Voter Education exercise which NEC has begun to ensure that the citizens understand what Voter Roll Update is and its importance as all Liberians will be going to the polls next year to vote in their new Senators.