SIDANI Enterprise Loses Over US$100,000

Lebanese business firm, Sidani Enterprise lost at the hands of thieves over hundred thousand USD.

The incident occurred over the weekend with the thieves using the back entrance, breaking into several other compartments before reaching the store.

The group deals in wholesale scratch cards, phones and other accessories and has been doing business in Liberia for decades.

Mr. Bassam Sidani expressed displeasure over the incident and prayed police vigorous intervention into the matter.

As a local wholesale scratch card dealer for GSM companies, atleast fifty thousand USD worth of scratch cards is reported missing.

Mr. Sidani has threatened to shut down due to lack of funding to re-start his business, which could have several Liberians losing their jobs.

The company says her credibility remains in tight and assures its partners that the situation at hand will be resolved in time.

‘Normal activities will be slowed down due to ongoing CID investigation,’ a release from the company said.

Last year about same time similar situation erupted leaving the company left without anything.