NCSAL Interim Veep Resigns

Madam Comfort Erskine Elliott, the Interim Vice President of National Civil Servant Association of Liberia (NCSAL) has resigned her post.

In a letter addressed to the General Assembly of the NCSAL) dated November 11, 2013, Madam Elliott said, “In my capacity as Acting Vice President of the National Civil Service Association of Liberia, I have deemed it necessary to tender in my resignation as of this date.”

Citing reasons for her resignation, Mdam Elliott said,“ The mandate given us was for six months only and has expired and we must not continue to hold on at the detriment of our Civil Servants. Furthermore, this situation brought a splinter group in sight thus making our group and that splinter group not to fully have control over the Civil Servants, consequently making them not united and vulnerable.”

She further said, “Our (The Interim Leadership) incapability to appropriately conduct the affairs of the Association is creating dissatisfaction among the Civil Servants as it relates to their well being and the protection of their rights in the various ministries and agencies of government.”

Madam Elliott continued, “We desperately need an elected leadership of the National Civil Servants Association of Liberia that will adequately listen, coordinate and find solutions to the plight of civil servants in their respective workplaces.”

She said that there is burning need to close the gap that is created in the National Civil Service Association of Liberia and realize the urgency to make the Association regain its relevance.

Concluding Madam Elliott said, “Considering the above, I am therefore constrained to tender in my resignation, so we can have a vibrant National Civil Service Association of Liberia. I pledged my unflagging support for early elections declaring our leadership dissolved for the sake of our Civil Servants.”

The General Assembly of the National Civil Servants Association gave Mr. Elliot Odorh, Mrs. Comfort E. Elliott and Mr. Ceasar Nyanlon, Acting President, Acting Vice President and Acting Secretary respectively, the mandate in March 2011 to lead the National Civil Servants Association to elections in June 2011.

The process started with other activities including conference with the full participation of representatives from all Ministries and Agencies and subsequently, on the day of elections (June 17, 2011), that mandate could not be fulfilled.

On June 17, 2011 while attempting to hold elections at the Matilda Newport High School, Newport Street, Monrovia, the NCSAL experienced a massive disturbance.

At the time the leaders of NCSAL believed that the agitation was allegedly organized by a group of people considered to be sponsored by agents that stood against the smooth election process.

. The Interim leadership and the ad hoc elections commission had not met as a team since the June 17, 2011 to discuss the issues or to work out details for the pending elections.