Bomi Senator Accused Of Abandoning Accident Victim…Dodges INQUIRER For Three Weeks

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Two Accident victims have complained Bomi County Senator, Lahai Lasannah for neglecting them after being hit by a commercial vehicle said to be owned by his (Senator) wife in Bomi County.    According to victim Isaac Gborway who was severely hit in the incident, the accident occurred since 2012 and they have made frantic efforts in ensuring that they are treated by the lawmaker and his wife but to no avail.

Narrating the incident when he walked into the offices of The INQUIRER recently, Gborway said on September 5, 2012, a commercial vehicle marked TX5842 belonging to Madam Finda Lassana, wife of Sen. Lahai Lasanah ran into them while traveling on a motorbike in the Sam Darby Planation.

He said following the incident they (victims) were taken to the St. Joseph Catholic Hopital due to the nature of the accident. Mr. Gborway said the accident inflicted several bodily wounds on him and his brother, Morris Gborway.    “My right knee cap burst and my left arm disjointed with severe back pains while Morris’ left knee cap dislocated with several wounds inflicted on him as a result of the accident,” Gborway explained. He narrated further that since the Catholic Hospital doesn’t have any bone specialist, they were sent to the J. F. K. Hospital for further medical treatment.

He said since the incident, they have been abandoned by Sen. Lasanneh and his wife though they have earlier agreed to underwrite the medical cost with police involvement. Gborway said to their utmost surprise, he was informed from his hospital bed by the Regional Traffic Commander of Bomi, Gbapolu and Cape Mount that the vehicle was taken from the police station but said he had no knowledge of how the car was released.

Gborway said he was later informed by Commander Jacob Kumeh that the car was released to Sen. Lasannah upon his intervention. He said following police investigation, the vehicle was held liable for the incident and that Sen. Lasannah promised in front of the police that he was going to underwrite the cost of the medical bills but has failed to honor same.

He stated further that since the agreement, Sen. Lasannah has only given him five gallons of gas slip and no longer responds to his calls despite all exerted efforts. “The Bomi lawmaker has since remained adamant and even tore a writ of arrest issued on his (Senator’s) wife by the court,” Gborway explained.

Medical report in the possession of this paper revealed that Mr. Gborway suffered from post traumatic change along the lower thorax with pleural Fluid collection that could also be bloody traumatic change of the rib along the paravertebral aspect on the right and that no vertebral body compression, among others.

Meanwhile, several efforts made to get Sen. Lasannah’s side of the story proved futile as he continues to dodge this paper for the past three weeks. On October 28 the lawmaker was contacted via mobile phone to respond to the allegation but Sen. Lasannah sent a text message to our editor that he was in a meeting at the time. Since then many efforts have been made on the part of this paper but to no avail.

Recent efforts by the Managing Editor of The INQUIRER for Sen. Lasannah to speak on the situation also proved futile as he refused to pick up his phone having booked an appointment with him on last Thursday.