Dep. Police Director Stryker Fears Terroristic Attack

By Edwin G. Wandah

Police in Monrovia have arrested and taken to court one Abraham Bility for an alleged terroristic threat on Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker.

According to the Police Charge Sheet, on November 6, 2013 at 9:50 a.m., defendant Abraham Bility of the Township of Gardnersville was arrested at the MKK Community in Gardnersville, Montserrado County for being in connection of an alleged terroristic threat on the life of Deputy Police Rose E. Stryker.

Stated in the Police Charge Sheet, after Police investigation, the alleged suspect, Abraham Bility was charged with the Commission of the crimes of “Harassment, Disorderly Conduct and Terroristic Threat” which are in violations of chapter 14 and chapter 17, section 14.24, 14.28 and 17.3 of the revised penal law of Liberia based upon complaint filed by Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker.

Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker further explained  that approximately in the period of six months, she had been receiving anonymous phone calls from an unknown caller whose phone number was undisclosed.

She narrated that the caller was very persistent in harassing her regularly as though both of them have been cohabiting to the extent that she hardly slept. She averred that, on one occasion the caller’s number appeared on the phone at which time he identified himself as A.B Bility.

According to Deputy Police Commander, Rose E. Stryker, on many occasions she aborted calls from the caller due to his constant harassment he sent to her phone(0770800101) love text messages through his phone)    (0770373151).

She lamented that on October 29, 2013, A.B Bility repeatedly called her from 12:41 a.m. to 4:45 a.m., thereby denying her a peaceful slumber in bed. She revealed that at one instance, Bility called and threatened her that if she does not accept his love and continue to deny his desire he will definitely come for her (come after her).

She said during Police investigation that sometimes in Bility’s conversation, when he was rejected, he became very aggressive and continued to reiterate that he was definitely coming for her.

Meanwhile, during Police investigation on November 5, 2013, defendant Abraham Bility admitted being the owner of the GSM number (0770373151) and that he has been using the number to continuously call and forward text messages to Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker pertaining to love relationship during early mornings and even in the afternoon hours.

He stated that he got to know Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker’s contact number, (0770800101) in May 2013 from a police officer (name withheld) when he visited Central Police Headquarters to arrange for his motorbike that was arrested by a police officer.

Concluding, Abraham Bility said that he has been making calls to Deputy Police Commander Rose E. Stryker over the past six months even though he was warned on several occasions to stop.