Project Earmarked Causes Problem In Dist.# 12

A pro-democracy and advocacy institution, Foundation of Youth Advocates United to Enhance Nationalism and Patriotism in Liberia has expressed disappointment over what they call their lawmaker, Richmond S. Anderson’s inability to lobby and champion their cause and protect their interest.

The group’s Chairman, Melvin S. Doweh, said Rep. Anderson has failed to ensure the full implementation of the identified projects that were recommended to the Montserrado County Project Management Committee (PMC) by the District #12 Development Council.

In a release issued in Monrovia, the Chairman of the youth group also termed the decision reached by the Montserrado County Project Management Committee (PMC) as a complete disservice to the constituents of District #12 on grounds that only one market project which cost US$50,000 is expected to be erected at either parts of the District (Kesselly Boulevard or Dry Rice Market) and a modern district office which costs US$100,000.

At the same time the Secretary General of the group, Johnny Haines, said that the lawmaker justified that only one market project will be erected in either parts of the district on ground that the cost of building materials have increased far more than the previous projection, a justification which the group said sounded frustrating and appeared to be another sad day in the lives of District #12.

Additionally, the SG told this paper that the amount of US$151,000 was allotted to District # 12, US$150,000 was projected and intended to erect a modern district office, US$100,000, and US$50,000 meaning that US$25,000 each for two markets at Kesselly Boulevard and Dry Rice Market.

The group is therefore calling on Rep. Anderson, including all signatories of the county and district funds and the Project Management Committee of Montserrado County to re-think and consider their decisions in order to ensure that the two market projects are implemented, a medium that would improve the livelihood of the constituent in an effort to enhance national development.