Nigerian Community Stage Demonstration In India

By Charles B. Yates (in New Delhi, India)

Nigerian nationals in the Indian city of Gao are protesting the death of one of their colleagues who was recently murdered in that city and the community is calling on the Indian government to launch a speedy investigation into the matter so as to avoid diplomatic ‘bad blood’.

The Nigerian High Commissioner last Friday told the Indian media that it was disappointed with the racial discrimination after the killing of its citizen in Gao. “If nothing is done on the part of the Indian government the situation would undoubtedly backfire in Nigeria and Indians living in Nigeria will feel the weight,” the Commissioner threatened. He said there are over 300 Indian companies in Nigeria and that they could be affected.

According to the Nigerian High Commissioner, Ndubuisi V. Amakuhe, has started receiving calls from Nigeria relating to the matter. He said Nigerians back home are asking about the position of the Indian government.

According to the local media in India; the governor of Gao State described the Nigerian community as ‘cancer’. This statement did not go down well with the Nigerian community in Gao especially so when the Gao police told local media that it is believed that the victim was involved in narcotic trade but Commissioner Amakuhe dispelled the police claim.

He said there is no drug affairs linked to the murder and people are already deducing the root-cause.

The police told the media that one suspect linked to the death of the Nigerian national has been arrested so far; while investigation is ongoing.