LPRC Boss Gets Honor

The Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), T. Nelson Williams, II has been honored as Managing Director of the year, 2013 by one of Liberia’s most respected Civil Society Groups, Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia.Groups, Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia.

At a colorful ceremony held on Monday November 11, at the Bella Casa hotel in Sinkor, Free Thinkers National Chairman, Morris Swen noted “We have catalogued the achievements of top government appointees and after thorough scrutiny, we have selected the LPRC boss as the Managing Director of the year, 2013, by evidence of the host of development he has made in transforming the LPRC. Mr. Swen further stated that the achievements made by Mr. Williams have touched the lives of the Liberian people.Managing Director of the year, 2013, by evidence of the host of development he has made in transforming the LPRC. Mr. Swen further stated that the achievements made by Mr. Williams have touched the lives of the Liberian people.

“Mr. has certainly raised the bar when it comes to sober leadership at the LPRC and we can safely say president Sirleaf has made no mistake in appointing him as Managing Director of the LPRC”.

Receiving the award, Mr. Williams intoned that he was accepting the award with humility. “I accept the award not just in my own name but un behalf of the 241 employees of the company who are hard working front liners that weather the storm day in day out to make it happen. The LPRC MD also indicated that he was receiving the award un behalf the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the LPRC. He then used the opportunity to thank President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for appointing him to serve the country. the country.

“I want to thank president Sirleaf for believing in me. As I serve my country, I am motivated and very pleased and I can assure each of you that I will continue to serve, will continue to meet the needs of employees, and continue to prioritize the needs of our people. LPRC is 100% owned by the people of Liberia, and the people must feel a part. Job creation, economic growth, etc. will continue to be our priority. I like to thank you for the award and wish to assure you that the sky is the limit and you will see more from the LPRC”.

Below are the achievements of the LPRC boss that led to the honor.

Under the managerial prowess of Mr. Williams, a project for the rehabilitation and expansion of the Product Storage Terminal (PST) on Bushrod Island is ongoing. Such project is to be completed in 2015, and will increase the company’s storage capacity from 45,000 Metric tons to 65,000 Metric tons. It will create additional employment as there will be a massive boost to the country’s economy.

As a means of decentralizing the downstream petroleum sector, the Ganta Oil Terminal (GOT) modernization and rehabilitation project has begun. This will lead to the adequate supply of petroleum products to Nimba and surrounding counties as well as counties in the South Eastern region. This project is to be completed in 2014.  Employment will also be created during and at the completion of this project.

There is also the rehabilitation and expansion of the Crude Storage Terminal (CST).  Such project which will be completed in 2014 will be used to supply Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and other customers which will certainly help to reduce the price of electricity.

Two petroleum tanks with a capacity of 7,000 gallons were constructed at the Jackson Fiah Doe Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County for the purpose of fuel storage to such a modern referral hospital.

Also, the Planning and Project Department at the LPRC was established this year to spearhead and fast track all existing and new projects included in the 5-year strategic plan.

The company created and approved its Petroleum Importation Policy which took effect January, 2013.

A successful implementation of a 5- year Strategic Plan was crafted and is being implemented. This will revolutionize and modernize the downstream oil and gas sector in Liberia.

The LPRC under the T. Nelson Williams, II led administration approved the construction of six (6) new filling stations for National Petroleum (NP) Liberia Limited.   All six stations were dedicated and now operational.

Super Petroleum,  Aminata and TOTAL all rehabilitated and built new filling stations in and out of Monrovia.  This provided employment and opportunity for ownership by Liberians.

Based on the company’s financial achievement, the employees were able to receive financial bonuses which further improved employee morale.Under the T. Nelson Williams, II stalwart leadership at the company, the LPRC met and exceeded financial targets for four years in a row.

Also, the innovation to further lift employees was introduced with housing allowance being added as another employee benefit.  This is the first time in company history for every grade of employee to receive such benefit.

Under the Williams administration a site clinic was opened to provide first aid medical care and treat minor injuries.  A part-time physician, three nurses, a physician assistant and laboratory technician are currently running the clinic.

Capacity Building continues to be highlighted with several national and international training for employees.

Through sound management, the T. Nelson Williams, II led LPRC made a reduction of expenses which improved the net bottom line of the company.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, several communities and institutions have benefited from such a life touching program.  To name a few,  fire victims on the Old Road, storm victims in Grand Bassa County and the Marshall community benefited from eleven (11) hand pump in providing safe drinking water.

The company has extended a helping hand to low-income families and devastated communities by providing building materials, clothes and supplies to schools around the country.

Over 1,000 students across the country are beneficiaries of the LPRC’s scholarship Fund: 957 are junior and senior high school students, 114 are in college. The company’s charitable program supports projects in education, health, community development and agriculture.

Employee Appreciation Program was introduced at LPRC with the aim of further encouraging employees. The quality of life of employees has improved tremendously through educational programs, salary increment, annual bonuses and loan programs established through various local banks.

In terms of sports, the Basketball Squad of the Oilers Sports Association (OSA) has won three national championships in a row (2011, 2012 & 2013) and recently ended as runners-up in the Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA) Africa Zone III championship, thus making them qualifiers for the finals in Tunisia.  This is motivation provided by LPRC Oilers Chief Patron, T. Nelson Williams, II.

The Oiler Football squad won the Presidential Cup in 2012.  Through sports, the company has empowered young people in making them feel a part of the system as they continue to abide by the norms in becoming descent people in the society.

Williams believes that job creation, sports/entertainment, economic growth and education are four (4) areas that will help Liberia sustain the peace we enjoy today.

The company was re-branded in 2012 with a new logo, vision, mission statement and core value introduced.

Finally, the LPRC continues its mandate of supplying quality petroleum products to the entire country in a environmentally safe environment.

With these achievements just catalogued, one can say without doubt that the LPRC Managing Director, T. Nelson Williams, II has raised the bar as far  as sound, innovative and effective leadership is concerned as the LPRC continues to make tremendous strides.