Liberia, Ghana Discuss Land Issues

A delegation from the Land Commission is in Accra, Ghana for seven days to hold discussions with relevant Ghanaian authorities on diverse land matters.

The land Commission delegation, while in Ghana will share their experiences on customary land rights with their Ghanaian counterparts and how the land deeds and title registration system in Ghana can be conceptualized to the Liberian deeds registration system.

In May of this year, the Government and people of Liberia adopted the Land Rights policy, which establishes a distinct category of Customary Land Rights for the first time along with existing categories of Private, Public, and Government land rights.

The delegation would be conducting a study tour as such is a cardinal activity of the Commission, designed to share experiences on land issues with other countries in Africa, Europe and the United States, to adopt best practices that will be applicable to the Liberian land sector.

The recognition of customary land rights is consistent with the decentralization program of the Government of Liberia, and will provide opportunities for empowering rural communities by allowing them to manage their land and land based resources in a bid to accelerate their economic growth and development.

Lessons learnt from these study tours will assist the Customary Land Implementation Task Force develop a methodology to implement recommendations in the Land Rights Policy.

The Liberian delegation includes, Commissioners Lwopu Kandakai, Suzana Vaye, Estelle Liberty, Victor Helb, Director MacArthur Pay-Bayee and Senior Program Officer, Stanley Toe. The delegation is headed by the Vice Chairman of the Land Commission, Walter Wisner.