Gov’t Takes Over E. J. Roye Building?

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Liberian Government through the General Services Agency (GSA) has with immediate effect closed down the most famous E. J. Roye Building in Monrovia.

Mr. Edward Fahnbulleh disclosed that his team was mandated recently by the GSA to close down the E. J. Roye Building without further delay. He said government is about to begin renovation work on the building which is in a dilapidated condition.

According to Mr. Fahnbulleh, the GSA has written officials of the Grand True Whig Party (TWP) to vacate the E. J. Roye Building. A partisan of the TWP, Z. Kwaque Coleman has also given the Government of Liberia 24 hours to leave the building. He said failure on the part of government to leave the building he will mobilize some youths to disrupt the planned renovation project.

Mr. Coleman said there has been neither written communication to officials of the TWP nor to the Executive Committee of the party relative to government’s taking over of the E. J. Roye Building. According to him, the E. J. Roye Building was given to the government by Mr. Peter W. Vuku without the knowledge of the Executive Committee or partisans of TWP.

Mr. Coleman alleged that after the 2005 General and Presidential Elections, Mr. Vuku was taken to Nigeria by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf at which time he turned over the E. J. Roye Building to the Government of Liberia.

He further explained that the initial amount agreed upon by both parties in the leassing of the property on Ashmun Street, and also the relocation of the party (True Whig Party) on Camp Johnson Road was in the tone of US$130,000.00.

“After a 2/3 votes on February 9, 2013, the National Executive Committee of the True Whig Party, agreed and endorsed the disbursement of the fund for the acquisition of the property on Camp Johnson Road to host the party,” Mr. Coleman noted.

He then disclosed that of the US$130,000 generated from the leased property, the amount of US$122,000 was expended for smooth operations of the party and the amount of US$500 was designated for stationeries, US$3,500 was also budgeted for personnel’s stipends, compensation and US$17,000 was allocated for rent.

He also said that the amount of US$1000 was paid to Mr. Osama, a Lebanese national, as reimbursement and US$1,000 was used for resettlement.

“During the period under review the party expended the total amount of LD$20,000 for activities and LD$3,500 was spent for maintenance purposes,” Mr. Coleman concluded.

But in reaction, Mr. Vuku, former Chairman of the TWP said he did not give the E.J. Roye Building to the Government of Liberia and that the allegation levied against him relative to the turning over of the building is false and misleading.

According to Mr. Vuku, he cannot do anything without first consulting the Executive Committee or partisans of the TWP adding that the information provided by Mr. Coleman is unfounded.