Some Adjustments Made For Motorcyclists…Police Says Restrictions To Main Roads Remain

Some adjustments have been made on recent restrictions placed on the operation of motorcycles in the city and its environs.

Recently, the Liberian government, among other things restricted all motorcyclists plying the streets of Monrovia to be restricted to certain areas, especially the various communities, avoiding the main routes to the city, such as Tubman Boulevard, Somalia Drive and Congo Town.

This sparked off protests and concerns from many persons and groups, including the motorcyclists, who said the measures were not fair.

However, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia National Police has made adjustments to the restrictions.

Deputy Police Director A.B. Kromah, who was contacted on the issue, confirmed that some expansions or adjustments have been made, but maintained that restrictions on the main routes remain the same.

He said motorcyclists from the Redlight area would now be allowed to the GSA Road in Paynesville, while those from Duala would be allowed to the Bong Mines Bridge. He said the rationale for this is that most of the areas have “outlets” that make it easier to get to the city.

He said there would be no compromise on the issue of headgears and safety devices by any motorcyclists in the streets.

On the issue of private bikes, the deputy director said those involved are not exempted from these restrictions. However, he said such persons need to contact the police for “special passes” before venturing into the streets.