Several Liberians Turn Out On Success Conference…As Several Explain Success Story

By Edwin G. Wandah

Several Youths and Business people across the country on Saturday, November 9, 2013 participated in a one-day success conference held at the Gymnasium of the Tubman High Campus on 12th. Street in Monrovia.

According to Rev. Luther Tarpeh, the Executive Director of Insight for Successful Living, the conference is intended to bring together several youth leaders from around the country to enlighten  their minds on possible ways of building their capacities to become future leaders of their nation.

Speaking right after the conference, Rev. Tarpeh said the Liberian youths need people with visions and passion to lead them. He stated that success does not come in a twinkling of an eye, because according to him, for one to become successful, requires patience and diligence coupled with courage to aspire to the zenith in life.

Rev. Luther Tarpeh said the present society does not recognize God that a society without God is doomed to destruction.

The Executive Director of Insight for Successful Living Rev. Luther Tarpeh said, leadership is what any nation needs to progress and according to him, there are three things which retards any nation from development; he named “Big man, Benefit and Best man” as some of those elements that have the tendencies of putting a nation backward.

Elaborating further, Rev. Tarpeh said, many persons with these characteristics do not have their country and people at heart. He said the “Big man’s syndrome” has favored individuals who feel that they are the only ones to survive and that no other person deserves that.

He said for the “Benefits syndrome”, people are always wanting for themselves, what they can get and not for the ordinary persons who also deserve to survive too. Rev. Tarpeh said, as for the “Best Man Syndrome”, people who fall into this category always classify themselves above everyone and feel that there is a line of demarcation between them and the ordinary man.

Earlier on, former Liberia’s Information Minister, Rev. Emmanuel Bowier told a cross session of youths and Business people attending the conference to make education a priority.

According to him several persons including the late Angie Brooks Randall knew the importance of education by investing their time and energy to become successful.

Rev. Bowier said Angie Brooks Randall who was a one-time divorcee served in important posts at the higher level of the United Nations and was noted for her excellence and creativities at her area of employ.

The former Information Minister spoke on the topic “United for Progress”. Meanwhile, several youths and business persons that attended the conference have expressed great satisfaction over the level in which the conference was held.

According to the youths, Liberia needs people with good reputation and integrity to move the country ahead. The group of young people thanked Rev. Luther Tarpeh for the enlightenment and inspiration given them to build their potential for the future.