Gd. Kru Former Supt. Reacts

By Jefferson D.Tweh

The former Superintendent of Grand Kru County and Senatorial Aspirant in the 2014 Special Elections, Madam Rosalind S.T.Sneh has sharply reacted to Mr. Amos Bartu’s statement made against her recently.

Madam Sneh said Mr.Batu has caused great confusion and division within the Fleneken section of the Kplio people in (Barclayville) and that Mr. Bartu has vehemently opposed and rebelled against the Chairmanship of a prominent person, Rev.Dr.James W. Karmbor, who taught Mr. Bartu in grade school in Barclayville.

“It baffles me to think how Amos Bartu who is claiming to be an educated man and wants to contest for the senatorial position to lead Grand Kru County, when he (Bartu) cannot lead a single clan (Fleneken) in Barclayville Chiefdom, and cannot unite his kinsmen,” Madam Sneh wondered.

Madam Sneh averred that despite Mr. Bartu’s education which he claims to have, he supported Peter Coleman in the 2011 Presidential and General Elections against her on grounds that Peter Coleman would support him (Bartu) in 2014, and now he is not finding Senator Coleman taking that initiative, so he (Bartu) is now accusing the Senator and in fact insulting and threatening to fight the Senator.

According to Madam Sneh, the unbecoming attitude of Mr. Amos Bartu towards Senator Coleman even led to the dismissal of Bartu’s cousin or nephew, Mr. Brooks Bartu from Senator Coleman’s office.

“Their alliance against me has fallen apart and Mr. Baru is so inadequate that he was once booed in the Barclayville City Hall by students during 2011 graduation program of the Barclayville Central High School and nothing good he (Bartu) had to offer the people of Grand Kru County, but for the good of the people of Grand Kru, let me join Senator Peter Coleman to call on the people of Grand Kru County not to listen to Bartu because he is just a confusionist,” Madam Sneh noted.

Madam Sneh explained further that she attended the Secretarial Science School at the St.Theresa Covent in 1969/1970 and became a secretary at the Bureau of the Budget, Executive Mansion in the same year, and she also became Senior Executive    Officer at BCADP responsible for Monrovia office as a Liaison between GOL, USAID and ADB in 1978.

According to Madam Sneh, while she was with BCADP, she attended a three-month training seminar on the management of agricultural organizations sponsored by USAID at the George Washington University, One Washington Cycle, Washington DC, in 1982.

“In 1984 I travelled to the USA and attended the Long and Foster Real Estate Institute and obtained a Certificate in Real Estate Sales and Marketing in 1989-1990 and I took the State Board of Maryland and I was certified as real estate agent,” Madam Sneh disclosed.

Madam Sneh narrated that she worked in the same Institution as real estate agent in 1991 and earned the title of Rockey of the year 1991-a multimillion dollar producer, with high honors and she was awarded with a Carribbean Cruise.

Furthermore, Madam Sneh explained that at no time did Mr.Bartu warn her not to contest for the senatorial seat in Grand Kru County and she neither interfaced with Mr. Bartu nor spoke to him over the past three years because Mr. Bartu is a mere confusionist.

Madam Sneh said she ran the county for six years and made some impacts but Mr.Bartu has nothing to offer the Grand Kru people, but only to gain cheap popularity and drag her to cheap politics.

“It is my output that created the enabling atmosphere for Mr. Amos Bartu to have built his house in Barclayville and since then he left there in 1970s because he wants to be a senator, so he is criticizing me,” Madam Sneh explained.

Madam Sneh said her achievements as superintendent of Grand Kru County could not go unnoticed by the President of Liberia and through her effort; the Liberia Bar Association was able to host its annual retreat in Barclayville.

“We should be discussing the July 26, 2014 Independence Day Celebration to be held in the county ant to be attacking personalities,” Madam Sneh concluded.