Gd. Kru Senatorial Aspirant Opens UP

By Jefferson D.Tweh

Senatorial Aspirant of Grand Kru County in the 2014 Special Elections, Cllr. Amos Bartu has taken issues with the former Superintendent and other officials of the county.

Cllr.Bartu disclosed that Madam Roseline Sneh, former Superintendent of Grand Kru County is a 9th grade student and lacks the requisite education and experience  to occupy the senatorial seat in the county.

According to Cllr. Bartu, he warned the former Superintendent on many occasions not to contest for the senatorial seat in Grand Kru County because she lacks the experience and education for the job.

Cllr. Bartu, in an Inquirer interview, said despite his advice, Madam Sneh paid deaf ears to him as a senior brother, and insisted that she would contest for the senatorial seat come 2014.

Meanwhile, Cllr.Bartu has alleged that all of these are designed by Madam Sneh to reduce his votes in the 2014 Special Elections. Cllr. Bartu told the Inquirer that because the former Superintendent is not fit for the job, if she goes into the Senate, she would be ‘sleeping’ while debates are ongoing in that House.

The counselor alleged that  at the time Madam  Sneh was serving as Superintendent of the  county, she did certain things to Representatives and Senators in the county in that  if she did not agree for certain project to go on, that would not happen, something he said indicated that the Superintendent has more power than a Representative or a Senator.

“I told her to remain where she is but she insisted and I promised her that I was not going to be with her; when I say I am not doing it, I am not doing it,” Cllr. Bartu emphasized. He said he was one of those who supported her appointment as Superintendent of the county, but pointed out that she was not fit for the senatorial position.

When Cllr.Bartu was asked about the land dispute between Barclayvillenians and the Sasstownians, he said nobody will absolutely change the demarcation between two groups but accused some Sasstown people of preaching cheap politics and propaganda that when he (Bartu) becomes Senator, he would take their land and warned those who are spreading such misinformation to desist, as he hasn’t such plan.

Cllr. Bartu accused Senior Senator of Grand Kru County, Mr. Cletus Wotorson of preaching divisive politics in the county and he (Bartu) claimed that when elected as Senator of the people, he would unite Grand Kru citizens and provide good leadership by God’s willing.

Again, when asked as to whether District #2 Representative Numene Bartekwa supports his candidacy, the aspirant said he will feel fine if Representative Bartekwa does not support him because without Representative Bartekwa, he (Bartu) can make it.

“I will not feel fine because as a Gblebo man, like the Kru People standing against the Gblebo man, Gblebo people should stand against the Kru people too, so on that line I will not feel good so when Representative Bartekwa stands up against his own Grebo man going and joining the Grebo people condemning us day-in-day out, then I will not feel good about it and Representative Bartekwa will be insulting himself,”Cllr.Bartu said.

When contacted, Madam Roseline Sneh said she ran the county for six years and made some strives, and  wondered whether Cllr. Bartu is her father who should advise her not to contest for the Grand Kru Senatorial seat saying, “he should know that I am running for the Senatorial seat in the county come 2014 Special Elections.”

Madam Sneh explained further that she was appointed as Superintendent for Grand Kru County in 2006 by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and not with the help of Cllr.Bartu.

Madam Sneh claimed that since Cllr. Bartu insulted her in 2010/2011, there has been no rapport between both of them. She said both of them are from the same Barclayville but they are not related in anyway and Cllr.Bartu did not give her any advice as it relates to the senatorial seat in Grand Kru County.

“I am not a 9th grade student; Cllr. Bartu is lying to the Liberian people, especially to Grand Kru citizens, just because he wants to be a Senator but I am  more qualified  for the senatorial seat and my people know what I am capable of doing, “Madam Sned concluded.

Meanwhile, the management of The inquirer has apologized to the counselor for recent comments attributed to him. Recently it was reported that he said the former Superintendent was a ninth grade drop -Out, instead of a ninth grade student and that if elected, she would be sleeping in the church. Actually it should have been sleeping in the Senate. Additionally, it was also reported that he said Senator Coleman was dividing the county. His reference was made to Sen. Wotorson, and not Coleman. These errors are regretted.