Kidney Transplant Victim Cries For Help

By Edwin G. Wandah

An ailing Liberian, Marcia Allen Dennis, yesterday walked into the offices of the INQUIRER to call on local and International donors, the Government of Liberia and humanitarian organizations in the country to assist her pay for her drug (Anti-Rejection Medication), which cost about USD700, 00 to 800, 00 which can be ordered from Kenya only.   According to her, she was diagnosed of kidney-failure affecting both of her kidneys on November 6, 2011 at the Kingdom Care Medical Center in Duport Road, Paynesville when she went to give birth.

“I have come to seek assistance for my health; I lost both of my kidneys after giving birth to my child (boy) but doctors at the Kingdom Care Medical advised that I do surgery for kidney transplant abroad, or risk losing my kidneys to die,” Marcia explained.

In a quiet mood, folding her hands on her chest, holding back her tears, Marcia told the INQUIRER she successfully gave birth to her son and later traveled to Ghana where she was again informed of kidney-failure and needed immediate surgery at the Korlabu Hospital in Ghana.

Pleading with friends and family members, she solicited some funds she used to travel to Kenya at the Nairobi Hospital to do the surgery and again, she was diagnosed of heart complication she encountered within the space of time she suffered from her kidneys.

According to her, doctors at the Nairobi Hospital assured her of a successful surgery. Marcia said, at that moment, she only turned to God for intervention since almost everything she had in cash was exhausted.

“As I speak with you, I spent nearly everything I had, trusting in God and praying for assistance at which time one of my cousins (name withheld) promised to donate his kidney to me,” Marcia disclosed.

According to Marcia Allen Dennis although she has left hospital, but the payment of her medical drugs is one of the challenges she is faced with. She said the cost of the drug is such that she cannot afford as she now barely survives on handouts since she cannot work or even do any physical work due to doctors’ advice.

All philanthropists, humanitarians, and other organizations wishing to extend their kind gesture to this ailing woman should do so through this Paper, the INQUIRER or the following numbers: 0886520008/0886510683 or the Hospital in Kenya through the contact person, the Administrative Manager Jennifer Karanje on 254722996867.