73 Injured In Tractor Accident In Pleebo

By Lewis S.Verdier, II  in Maryland County

At least 73 plantation workers onboard a company’s tractor have been seriously injured in an accident while leaving the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation in Pleebo in Maryland County.

The tractor owned and operated by the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation Company MOPP was carrying some 73 plantation workers when it failed to bend a curve and lost control thereby swerving off track and subsided leaving all 73 onboard injured. Eye witnesses said that the majority of those onboard the tractor were female plantation workers. Minutes after the accident an ambulance belonging to the Cavalla Rubber Company, a sisterly company to MOPP dispatched the victims to the Cavalla Hospital in Gedetarbo in Pleebo Sodoken District where they are currently being treated.

People visiting the accident scene had put the figure to 75 plantation workers caught up in the accident, but MOPP Communication manager, Martin Nyekan said   the official figure is 73 plantation workers. He said most of them sustained bruises but later said none of the victims was recorded on critical list as being spread by eye witnesses. Mr. Nyekan said the tractor was very new and had no engine problem. However the driver of the tractor is currently being investigated to state circumstances surrounding the accident. The Traffic Police detachment in Pleebo had also launched an investigation.

On Saturday morning a community radio in the area reported in its Saturday morning news cast that most of the victims were responding to treatment.  The MOPP Communication Manager, Martin Nyekan told THE INQUIRER in Maryland that the victims were responding to treatment while the driver of the tractor is being investigated. MOPP is a sisterly company to Cavalla Rubber Company under the SIFCA’s group of companies.

CRC/MOPP so far is the only company operating in Maryland in the densely populated and commercial district of Pleebo Sodoken. The Company employed residents and non residents in the area despite the noise from some quarters of the society; it continues to operate two concessions under SIFCA’s operation; that is the oil palm plantation by MOPP and the Rubber by CRC.