‘Don’t Give Up’…American Cleric Urges Ellen On Challenges

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

As she celebrates her 75th birth anniversary (Diamond Jubilee) in grand style, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been urged to stand firm in moving her nation forward.

In her Words of Inspiration delivered at ceremony marking the Thanksgiving Service in observance of the Diamond Jubilee of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, an American Prelate, Rev. Dr. Elaine Flake urged the Liberian leader to stand firm and not to give up in ensuring that her country is on par with other nations of the world.

Rev. Flake who spoke from the book of Judges 5:2 under the theme: “God’s Leading Ladies” said the Kingdom of God has been blessed with women who were strong and courageous as they were filled with the Spirit of God.

“Your lives have been made dynamic and meaningful through this lady who serves you as your President. Our world now is in need of spiritual, strong women. Today, we are celebrating the life of a powerful woman who has come through trying times in her life to serve her people,” Rev. Dr. Flake said.

“Stand firm and don’t give up. You persevered and could not retreat though you could’ve done so; you disobeyed to ensure that your people are not restricted; she heard a voice that told her to be filled; God delivered her and was able to take her place to be the leader of a great nation and that is why we have come to celebrate the life of a leading lady so, we in return must give her gifts of good service to humanity,” the American prelate averred.

Rev. Dr. Flake said when situations were so difficult, Ellen stood the test of times and disobeyed leaders who were suppressing their own people and stood up against repressive regimes. “Let me let you know that women who make history speak out against, when they are told to be quiet they will disobey and speak, when told to sit, they will in defiance stand to speak against the ills,” Rev. Flake told the congregation at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia.

Propounding on the life of Debra in the Book of Judges, Rev. Flake said President Sirleaf, like Debra in the Holy Bible, brought deliverance to her people adding, “She was brave, caring and was not afraid; she arose to restore the rights of her people; she considered herself as a mother, a life giver and that is in that manner that we celebrate President Sirleaf’s 75th birth anniversary,” the American preacher said.

In a related development, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf yesterday celebrated her natal day with several children from various schools in Monrovia. The Liberian leader had a good time with the children at the Monrovia City Hall where she also received gifts from the children.

The Children lauded the President for her strives in moving the nation forward and paying tuition for some of them at various institutions.

In response, Pres. Sirleaf thanked the Minister of Gender and Development and the hundreds of children who turned out to celebrate with her and lauded their parents for preparing them for the future.