LEC Employee Remains Abandoned

Family of the late Alfred Sayon who was killed last month with acid while on duty has disclosed that the body of the LEC employee has been abandoned at the St. Moses Funeral Home on the Somalia Drive.

According to Mr. A. Jadee Karmoe Sayon and Beatrice Wiah, brother and sister of the deceased, the management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation has informed them (family) that it cannot underwrite the cost of the embalmment which amounts to US$4,500.

The family said following the untimely death of their brother, the Human Resource Manager of the LEC, only identified as Mr. Dorbor told them to take the remains of Mr. Alfred Sayon to any funeral home of their choice and that management was to underwrite the cost.

“It was based on this agreement that we decided to take the body to St. Moses Funeral Home since the acid that was wasted on him spoiled his face and entire body. We took the quotation to Mr. Dorbor at the LEC with an amount of US$8000 charged by St. Moses but it was vehemently rejected by him. We again went and appealed to St. Moses and the amount came down to US$4,500 this time, Dorbor told us to send it to management through a communication which we did but up to present they have not accepted the responsibility,” Madam Beatrice Wiah narrated.

She said officials of the Corporation have even refused to visit them at the family home since the death of Mr. Sayon who died in active service at the LEC. “When we pressed on them, they said management can only pay US$1,000 toward his burial and that is where we are, no money to take the body from St. Moses,” she stated further.

The family of Mr. Sayon said LEC must take full responsibility of the death of their brother since he did not just die but was killed while protecting the properties and premises of the LEC and not to shy away from such responsibility.

At the same time, the family of the late Alfred Sayon is appealing to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to intervene into the ongoing situation between them and the LEC Management over the untimely death of their brother who was actively working for the Corporation when he met his demise.

They are also calling on the Legislature, Human Rights organizations, women groups the Liberia Council of Churches among others to speak on the ongoing problem to find amicable solution to the refusal of the LEC management to ensure that their brother get a befitting burial.

The family said the remains of Mr. Sayon was taken to the Funeral Home since September 23, 2013 and is still there as the LEC management has failed to underwrite its responsibility. “We planned to bury our brother on October 19, but because there is no money to take him from the funeral home that is why we are here appealing,” Madam Wiah said.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the Human Resource Manager, Fobay F. Dorbor said the LEC has a policy that if an employee dies, management gives the amount of US$1,000 as first phase of its contribution and the other is done later.

Mr. Dorbor added that the late Alfred Sayon left his post and went in the community of West Point where an unknown person wasted acid on him. The pain inflicted on him was so severe that he could not withstand it and that led to his death. He also said that a man called Joseph Sayon who claims to be the senior brother of the late Alfred Sayon said St. Moses was his friend and as such taking the body of his brother there would be less expensive. He later brought a bill of US$ 8,000 from the funeral home and demanded management to pay.

Mr. Dorbor expressed that the Management has a policy that every employee agreed upon and it will not be compromised for fear that other employees who find themselves in similar situation will follow suit which will be a bad precedence.