Cllr. Bartu Takes Issue With Sneh, Coleman But…

By Jefferson D. Tweh

A senatorial aspirant of Grand Kru County in the 2014 Special Elections, Cllr. Amos Bartu has taken issue with the former Superintendent of the county.

Cllr. Bartu said Madam Roseline Sneh, former Superintendent of Grand Kru County is a 9th grade drop-out who lacks quality education and experience to occupy the senatorial seat in the county.

CIlr. Bartu said he warned the former Superintendent on many occasions not to contest for the senatorial seat in Grand Kru County because she does not have quality education and experience to lead the people of Grand Kru.

Cllr. Bartu, in an INQUIRER interview, said despite his advice, Madam Sneh paid deaf ears to him as a senior brother, and insisted that she will contest for the senatorial seat come 2014.

Cllr. Bartu alleged that all of these are designed by Madam Sneh to reduce his votes in the 2014 Special Elections.

He told the INQUIRER that during the general debate of all senatorial aspirants in Barclayville  in 2014, Madam Sneh will be in the church sleeping while some of the aspirants will be at the City Hall debating issues.

He said Madam Sneh will not be able to express herself publicly due to the lack of education.

According to Cllr.Bartu, at the time Madam Roseline Sneh was serving as a Superintendent in Grand Kru County, the implementation of some projects was delayed by her administration and as a result, those projects never materialized.

Cllr. Bartu also accused Senator Peter S. Coleman of dividing the people of Grand Kru and as such he is calling on the people of the county not to vote for him (Bartu) to office.

Cllr. Bartu claimed that when elected as the Senator of the people he will unite Grand Kru County.

Finally, Cllr. Bartu noted that Senator Peter Coleman refused to support him for the senatorial race in 2014.

When contacted via telephone, Senator Peter Coleman said Cllr. Bartu is doing this to tarnish his reputation because at no time will he (Coleman) divide the people of Grand Kru County.

“Right now my focus is to make sure that development is initiated in Grand Kru County because the people have elected me to make law and seek their interest not to divide them,” Senator Coleman stated.

Meanwhile, Senator Coleman has called on Grand Kru Citizens not to give credence to Cllr. Bartu’s allegations because it is not true and the people of Grand Kru County are united and nothing will divide them.

Madam Sneh said she ran the county for six months and made some impacts.

She wondered whether Cllr. Bartu is her father who should advise her not to contest for the Grand Kru senatorial seat saying, “He should know that I am running for that seat in the county.”