Town Hall Project Earmarked For West Point…Ground Breaking Ceremony Tomorrow

A ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a town hall in the township of West Point is expected to take place tomorrow in that area. The project has been earmarked by the publisher and managing editor of the Daily Observer Newspaper Mr. Kenneth Y. Best.   The unveiling of the Architectural Plan and ground breaking will commence on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at about 11:00 a.m.

Mr. Best, a veteran Liberian journalist, who was born on October 28, 1938, in Harrisburg, Liberia, indicated that the decision was to demonstrate from the very beginning that the Daily Observer was going to be a PEOPLE’s paper.

He recalled today, that 32 years later, as the second oldest newspaper in Liberia’s history, after the Liberia Herald (1826-1862), he has decided to commemorate his 75th birthday not with a big celebration honoring him, but with community service in West Point where the Observer began.

In an invitation to his friends, Mr. Best explained that when he and his wife Mae Gene established the Daily Observer on February 16, 1981, the paper’s maiden edition carried the headline: “West Point Dwellers Are Angry.”

According to him, they deliberately chose West Point, one of the Liberian capital’s worst slums, because he wanted to begin by identifying with the impoverished and downtrodden-the ordinary people.

At a meeting with the Commissioner of West Point, Madam Miata H. Flowers, and elders of the community, they revealed the Township’s three major challenges to Mr. Best: the lack of a high school, the lack of a government clinic or hospital and the lack of a town hall-all of these for an area inhabited by over 100,000 people, most of whom are children.

After the meeting, the Daily Observer agreed then, that the project that resonates closest to its line of work might be a town hall, which would provide much needed space as a catalyst for educational, social and professional transformation in this long- neglected township.

“We envision a multi-purpose facility hosting seminars and workshops for community members, as well as study classes for students; a space for community engagement, as well as a safe space to spur creativity and innovation among the Township’s highly expressive youths,” Journalist Best asserted.

With the blessing of the township’s elders, women, youths and the Commissioner, Mr. Best has earmarked a location on Fanti Beach, which turns out to be a very attractive spot for such a community structure. He believes that a well-designed community structure here would inspire future private sector activities and investments in that community, which has a largely untapped but with a high economic potential.

The cost estimate of the project is forthcoming, following which the official fundraising will begin. He believed that building a town hall in West Point is a realizable objective and that, with others help, it can be done.