Time For Concrete Action

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia through the Ministry of Information yesterday, declared the provision of education to its citizens as a national priority that must be addressed by all stakeholders.

Addressing the regular press briefing of MICAT yesterday in Monrovia, Information Minister, Lewis G. Brown, stressed the need for an improved educational system in the country so as to prepare young Liberians meet the challenges ahead.

MINISTER BROWN DISCLOSED that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is leading a special educational project to ensure that sound and quality education be provided by the Liberian Government to the youths. “We must continue to do more in our educational sector,” Brown said.

HE SAID THE failure of some 25,000 persons who sat the University of Liberia Entrance Examination is a shame to the entire country and that is why the Liberian leader is taking the lead in renewing her efforts to strengthening the country’s educational program.

“GOVERNMENT’S FOCUS IS improving the quality of education; our focus is also on Early Child Development and that is why a commission has been established to operate and unify curriculum development. Mr. Brown said education is the future of any nation and the only way to expand the nation’s economy.

HE SAID ANOTHER way to improving quality education for the children and Liberian youths is by providing electrical power something government is doing everything possible to address. Brown pointed out that providing education has become a national emergency considering the recent mass failure of those who took the UL Entrance Exam.

“THE FAILURE OF 25,000 persons is a disgrace to our educational system and so, we all must feel the sense of urgency in addressing these problems in our educational sector,” the Information boss added.

WHILE WE WELCOME this assurance by the Liberian Government on the improvement of the nation’s educational system, we are all aware that this is not the first time hearing these beautiful promises. What we Liberians need now is the actualization of the assurance from government and to adequately address these concerns about our poor educational system.

THE ASSURANCES FROM stakeholders must be translated into concrete action that will bring about improvement. For too long there have been lots of condemnations of the Liberian educational system. At some point, the educational sector was described by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as a complete mess.

REGRETTABLY, DESPITE THESE condemnations, there seems to be no concrete action to address these situations facing the nation’s educational system. Again just yesterday while addressing the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information; Minister Lewis Brown announced that the provision of sound and quality education has now become a national emergency.

WE HOPE THAT this time around it will not be a mere talk but concrete action to be taken by the government of Liberia and its partners in addressing these serious concerns. What we want to see now is deed, and not words as was done in the past.

THIS PRONOUNCEMENT MUST be prioritized as a national duty by translating it into concrete action. This is our plea and we hope that those involved within the educational sector will pay heed and act decisively now.