Nimba Supt. Dagadu Held Hostage

By Edwin G. Wandah

Information emanating from Nimba County says that the Superintendent of Nimba County, Christiana Dagadu, has been held hostage at her Sanniquille Office by some members of the Disabled Community in Nimba County.

According to the information, members of the disabled community ran out of patience after several calls by the disabled community for funds, in tune of USD25, 000, 00 allotted them was being allegedly used by the Nimba County officials.

But according to some residents in the Commercial City of Ganta and Sanniquille, on Tuesday morning, while Superintendent Christiana Dagadu was in her office during official working hours, some aggrieved members of the disabled community in the county barricaded the Administrative Compound and locked up the Superintendent for more than eight hours.

Although the residents did not say who gave the money to the disabled community or how the County officials got involved in the financial saga, but said the situation in Sanniquille remained tensed until 4p.m. before the Superintendent was released by the aggrieved disabled members.

Meanwhile, the amount in dispute is a portion of the USD25, 000, 00 given by the Nimba County Development funds intended for the disabled community that they said was allegedly used by the county officials.

The aggrieved disabled members also accused the county officials of seriously being marginalized, with no one to speak on their behalf.

Reports from Nimba also say that Superintendent Dagadu is safe and healthy after serving more than hours behind closed doors by some aggrieved members of the disabled community.