Kimmie Weeks Nominated For Int’l Award

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr. (Cub Reporter)

The Chairperson of Youth Action International (YAI), Dr. Kimmie Weeks, has won the World’s Children’s Honorary Award.

Upon receiving his award, Dr. Weeks urged everyone the world over to work harder saying that those who work hard are bound to get out of their current situations.

Speaking yesterday at the offices of YAI office on Benson Street in Monrovia, Dr. Weeks said the award serves as one of the most important marble stones in the history of Liberia because according to him, the Nobel Peace Prize for Children’s Rights is the largest award given to people around the world who are fighting for the rights and wellbeing of children.

Dr. Weeks added that the award is an annual award which has lasted for thirteen years and is usually presented in Sweden by the Royal Family of Sweden. He added that they were three nominees who contested the four-day award event. He named the two other participants as James Kofi Annan and Sompop Jantraka.

Dr. Weeks expressed delight for his efforts in bringing home the World’s Children’s Prize Honorary Award which was presented to him at the Royal Castle in Sweden by the crowned Prince or Princess of Sweden.

Dr. Weeks said he has come to share the award with the Liberian people adding that the award came with a financial package which will be used to support their work in promoting early childhood program that focuses on children.

He said the award is a clear indication that his organization has to do more and continue to see that more and more children around the world including Liberia are subject to exploitation and more children do not have the basic needs.

Dr. Weeks said the international importance attached to the award gives him progress credibility to continue his journey to ensure that every child’s basic rights are met.

He then lauded all Liberians, partners and people around the world who have contributed significantly towards their work. “Even though it has not been easy when it comes to fund-raising, we thank our many supporters and hope that this support continues,” Dr. Weeks intimated.