A Step Worth Commending

THE GOVERNMENT OF Liberia through the Ministry of Transport has announced the arrival of a weighbridge which is expected to be installed at the Bible Industrious Academy (BIA) on the Buchanan Highway and is believed to be the first major undertakings of government in fulfillment of its Lift Liberia Program.

THE BRIDGE WAS procured by the Ministry of Transport from the 2012-2013 budget and arrived on September 26, 2013. Transport Minister S. Tornorlah Varpilah said the weighbridge will eventually be turned over to the government after a comprehensive work plan carried out by the West Africa Architectural Consulting Engineering (WAACE), the company contracted to procure and to install it.

A WEIGHBRIDGE IS a scale used for weighing vehicles and other heavy equipment to determine their tonnages therefore installing it on a major highway is aimed at collecting taxes through a computerized system of the bridge from heavy equipment that causes road distress.

THE IDEA OF a weighbridge is in line with ECOWAS Protocol entitled Supplementary Act SP. 17/02/12 relating to the harmonization of standards and procedures  for the control of dimensions, weight and axle load of goods vehicle within member State.

WE HAIL THE move by the government transportation regulatory arm and see it as a step worth commending in collecting taxes under the system which will encourage government to build standard roads as it also plans to install additional weighbridges across the country and tackle the evasion of taxes by heavy vehicles who constantly ply the roads and mostly damage them.

IF ALL GOES well, we too think that the government should use proceeds collected from the bridges to ensure that the road safety measure is secured by the construction of durable roads as well as put in place major road networks.

LIBERIANS HAVE NOW come to realize that the government’s major problem is with implementation therefore we challenge the Ministry of Transport to work even harder in ensuring that the weighbridge is not misused and the funds collected from the bridge be properly managed.

AGAIN, WE BELIEVE that this is a worthy venture and support to government’s effort in trying to fulfill its Lift Liberia Program and hope that this venture will lay to rest months of apprehensions and misgivings in the country that funds allotted for that purpose had been misapplied.

THIS IS ALSO a wakeup call to other government ministries and agencies to bring to fulfillment their past budgetary allotments as the government is about to enter appropriations in the new budget so that Liberia gets on par with other nations in Africa and across the continent through tax payers’ money.