Cellcom Announces Largest Social Responsibility Initiative

The management of Cellcom Telecommunications, Inc. (Cellcom) and the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has announced the extension of its partnership to support the development and promotion of Liberian football.  As part of the new arrangement, the National Leagues will now be titled “The Cellcom National Leagues.”  The announcement was made at a joint press conference held at the Mamba PointHotel in Monrovia on Monday, October 28th, 2013.

The Chairman of Cellcom’sBoard of Directors Mr. Avi Zaidenburghighlighted that Cellcom remains as committed as ever to promoting football in Liberia.   He underscored Cellcom’s long support of the LFA and said that it remains an important tool for peace and reconciliation. Mr. Zaidenburg said:  “When the relationship between Cellcom and the LFA began 3 years ago, we had a firm belief that football was the one activity in Liberia which brought people together from all walks of life and had the propensity to support peace, reconciliation and stability in Liberia.”   He revealed that the total sponsorship package for the National League is US$650,000, with US$585,000 in direct sponsorship and an additional US$65,000 in promotions.

Mr. Zaidenberg also shared with the audience which included Hon. Edwin Snowe, the Minister of Gender, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Heads of first, second and third division clubs as well as a host of other individuals and guests.   Cellcom’ssupport is part of a long term strategy to ensure the continued improvement of the National Leagues.Zaidenberg noted:  “the renewal of our Sponsorship is a reflection of the benefit we believe it brings to our business. It is also a reflection that we believe that with the right support the Clubs in the Cellcom National League can go further and do better just as we believed way back in 2010.”   With the extension of the agreement, Cellcom is making an additionalthree year commitment to the promotion and development of football in Liberia.

For its part, the Liberian Football Association through its PresidentMr. Musa Bility,welcomed the continued involvement of Cellcom in the National League.   Mr. Bility said that the extension of the Cellcom partnership was welcomed.   He acknowledged that Cellcom had been a great strategic partner with the LFA for several years and that the support Cellcom continues to provide was essential to the continued growth and development of football in Liberia.   Mr. Bility said that he was confident that with the extension of Cellcom’s support, the National League would rise to new levels.     “The support that we continue to receive from Cellcom will help us to truly transform football in Liberia,” Mr. Bility said.

Both Mr. Bility and Hon. Snowe encouraged all lovers of football and sport to use Cellcom as their GSM company of choice.   Mr. Bility said:  “We must all do something deliberate, we must move to Cellcom. If you love football, you must use Cellcom. If you want football to be developed you and all of your friends must use Cellcom.”   Representative Snowe reiterated this when he stated: “if you love football, you must love Cellcom.” The Cellcom National Leagues will commence shortly.