ADRA Boosts Of 70% Projects

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency – Liberia (ADRA – Liberia), has completed seventy percent of its community based projects in Liberia, during two decades of its humanitarian Services.

The seventy percent completion of ADRA— Liberia community based projects across Liberia, is ranging from quick impart relief, emergency relief – involving school feeding, renovation of damaged schools, the WASH sector and sustainable development.

During ADRA — Liberia’s twenty years of operations which begun in 1992 upon transferring part of its Le Cote D’lvories Section to Liberia, as Liberian refugees were returning home ran a six year project in Lofa County from 1996 to 197and then up to 2003 when the country war ended.

ADRA – Liberia with grant from the European Union (EU), the Adventist Development and Relief Agency was able to respond to the effect returning of Liberians and rebuilding homes in that county.

The entity over the two decades period extended similar project operations in Lofa County to Nimba and Bong Counties imparting the livelihood of several hundreds of thousands of peoples.

Since 1992, ADRA – Liberia main focus has remain within four thematic areas which is education, primary health care, relief and disaster preparedness, food security and livelihood.

Besides the four thematic areas, ADRA – Liberia has included other components in its operations that include projects and programmatic action. The action is looking at community gain reserve projects (CGR). Under the CGR component will focus on capacity development to train women groups in new agriculture techniques, agro-processing, basic entrepreneurial skills and organizational management.

It is being carried out in: “Bong, Nimba, Lofa,  Bomi,  Gbarpolu and Grand Kru  Counties. Other action areas of concentration are community mobilization and organization, rehabilitation of water management infrastructure and are targeting Grand Gedeh, Maryland, River Gee and Grand Kru Counties”.

Among the actions is the cassava value chain for pro-poor development in Liberia aimed at improving the production, processing and marketing of cassava to create job opportunities for women, men and youth in six project locations.

Those locations are Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, Bomi, Margibi, Bong and Montserrado Counties. This project which started 2012 will run for 2015 and is funded b’ the European Union and in partnership with ZOA and ADRA — Liberia.

Currently, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency — Liberia are operating in nine of the fifteen sub-political divisions of Liberia that is Lofa, Nimba, Maryland, Margibi, Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Grand Kru Counties.

The various ADRA projects are being done in collaboration with ZOA, the European Union (EU), World Food Program (WFP), Food and Agriculture

Organization (FAQ), the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR), the Government of Liberia through the Agriculture Ministry.

Despite, the seventy percent completion of its community based projects, during the entity’s twenty years of humanitarian services in Liberia, ADRA’s Country Director, Emmanuel G. K. George, said funding is one of the biggest challenges been faced by ADRA — Liberia.

Mr. George told Journalists in Monrovia recently: “funding is no longer active as it used to be in the late, early and mid-90s because more c:Jntries and organizations in the West are now having some level of trust in Governments on the African continent, which Liberia is a part.

He is commending the Liberian Government for it continues support to ADRA — Liberia in transforming the lives of ordinary Liberians through skills training initiatives.