District In Nimba May Leave…Wants To Be Part Of R’Cess

By Solomon T. Gaye

An administrative district situated in Nimba County has threatened to break away from the county and become part of Rivercess County.   Citizens of Gbe and Doru districts situated close to Rivercess County said they want to formally be part of Rivercess County because of the high level of marginalization being melted against them by the Nimba Legislative Caucus and the leadership of the county.

In an exclusive interview with this paper in Ganta last weekend, the commissioner of Gbe and Doru Districts, David Toe said citizens of the districts recently held a mass meeting in Glan Town at which time the decision to become part of Rivercess was taken.

Commissioner Toe said the meeting was attended by thousands of citizens from the districts including youth leaders, elders, women groups and marketers among others.

Commissioner Toe said from time to time the people of Gbe and Doru Districts had not enjoyed being part of Nimba County and that they do not even feel being part of Liberia but if they were to be placed under Rivercess County then they will be sure of relief under the leadership of Rivercess.

The Commissioner told the INQUIRER that citizens from Gbe and Doru District expressed their dissatisfaction over the absence of their lawmaker from that part of the county to attend the meeting where the decision was taken.

Commissioner Toe said citizens including elders have complained that county authorities in Sanniquille, Nimba County have neglected them in terms of development and other aspects of national endeavors including the lawmaker who was elected to seek their interest.

Accordingly, the Commissioner said as a result of this the district is one of the underdeveloped districts in the county and it has less representation at the local and national level.

Commissioner Toe said immediately following the meeting, the Office of Nimba County Superintendent based in Sanniquellie was informed about the citizens’ decision to break away due to marginalization.

Since the holding of the meeting by the Gbe and Doru citizens at which time they threatened to break away from Nimba County and join neighboring Rivercess, nothing has been heard from the leadership of Nimba County.

This is the second time for the citizens of Gbe and Doru Districts to issue such a threat. Early last year, citizens of Gbe and Doru Districts issued a similar warning during the visit of Nimba County’s former Superintendent, Madam Edith Gongloe Weh.

When Nimba County Superintendent Madam Christina Darkadu was contacted she denied the report saying, “This is not true because the Commissioner of the district was in my office today and we are moving in to open the road to that part of the country; in fact we have already started that process.”

Superintendent Darkadu said Gbe and Doru Districts are one of the priority areas of the county thus a clinic which was down for sometime in that area is about to be reopened. “I have visited the area along with other officials of the county,” she added.