Education Sued For US$5m Damages

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Liberty Link Incorporated, a Liberian owned business operating in the country and in partnership with Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Limited has dragged the Ministry of Education and one David Woods Baysah for US$5M.

According to documents in possession of the INQUIRER from the first Judicial Circuit Criminal Assizes Court “E”, Montserrado County sitting in its February term says the Ministry and Mr. Baysah have been sued for “Action of damages for wrong”.It is expected that the Ministry will be represented by its Minister, Etmonia Tarpeh, her Deputy Minister, Assistant Directors, and the Comptroller. David Baysah is the Project Coordinator for Global Partnership for Education in Liberia.Directors, and the Comptroller. David Baysah is the Project Coordinator for Global Partnership for Education in Liberia.

The plaintiff, Liberty Link told the court that it has been hurt by the atrocious and nefarious conduct of the two defendants, and in an attempt to rectify the nuisance created by the publication of such erroneous publication. The plaintiff also says and submits that a mere correction of an error which damages its business interests, relations with other institutions, thereby leading to the loss of contracts and substantial financial benefits in the tone of US$5m.

It may be recalled in October 2012, Liberty Link participated in a public bid tendered by the Ministry of Education for the production of textbooks for Liberian schools, mainly at the primary and secondary levels. The plaintiff said as a formal requirement to participate in the bid, it was made on three different occasions during the period under review to revalidate its bid documents including the posting of security bonds as a form of requirement each time the bid for the textbooks contract was tendered.Plaintiff says in further relying upon what has now turned out to be nothing but false assurances given by the first defendant (Liberty Link); Plaintiff posted on each of the three different occasions a security bond with the bank in the amount of US$130,000.00(One Hundred Thirty Thousand United States Dollars).

The plaintiff by and through its legal counsels Kemp and Associates headed by Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus said the first and second defendants in their blind game of blackmail and extortion against Liberty Link have, although with little success, listed a set of mundane requirements other than what it has published  in the New Democrat Newspaper, as the reason for the denial of plaintiff’s bid.

Records before Her Honor Sienah Clinton Johnson, Resident Judge says such exercise is not only self-serving but a pale reflection of defendants’ blatant attempt to justify their pranks even though the defendants have woefully failed  to show any evidence of relationship between  Macmillan Publishers Nigeria Limited which is the plaintiff’s partner and Macmillan UK which the defendants claimed has been allegedly debarred by the World Bank. Plaintiff has given notice to court that it will produce witnesses to prove these allegations.