NSA Director Rubbishes Bribery Claim

The Director of the National Security Agency, Fomba Sirleaf has described as total rubbish media report that he received six hundred Thousand United States Dollars from a group of criminals abroad.   Director Sirleaf further described the report as calculated nuisance intended to tarnish his hard earned reputation and integrity, especially as head of the national Security Agency Liberia that has been readmitted- Into-the comity of nations form a pariah state.readmitted- Into-the comity of nations form a pariah state.

He said, he-had intended not to comment -on the -National -Security- Implication as mentioned in the media report, but it has become necessary for him to distance himself from the falsehood that he received six hundred thousand United States Dollars from a criminal group.

Director Sirleaf wonders why anyone in his sound mind would decide to offer over half of million dollars to any security chief of a sovereign state to avail his country for drugs trafficking as reported. That person needs a mental check, he stressed.

He said as a nationalist it behooves him and his integrity to do everything to protect and defend his nation and will do nothing to undermine that sacred duty.

He said why it is true that under a vibrant democracy, government and the media are partners to enhance that democratic tenant, it is important for the media to report on issues that are factual, accurate, balanced and credible.

The NSA Boss said the report does not in any way erode his character because it lacks any iota of true and that he still maintains his respect and credibility amongst the security arena within the comity of nations.

The -NSA -Director said -to link him -to a group -of criminals has-a -sinister motive like those who had chosen to attribute lies and negativism to him, I am not a fool as they think.

“I have a nation to protect, I also have my integrity to protect and I am under oath to do just that’, he averred.